08 December 2011

Baby things

This baby is stinkin hilarious sometimes with the things it does to me ;)
And I thought I should write it down before I forget what happens!
My emotions are so close to the surface it's scary sometimes.
I cry at Hallmark commercials, Disneyland commercials, 
I even cried during a Wicked commercial
oh dear me right??
Andrew laughs at me sometimes cuz it truly is ridiculous,
and I'm laughing with him through the tears.
I cry at the end of movies,
during pretty songs,
and especially during any Christmas-related thing.

I also get cranky super fast!
I try really hard to not get that way,
but there are times,
especially at work,
when the kids are just not doing what I've asked them to do
(for the millionth time)
and to me that's unacceptable in December so a little cranky get I....

I also either sleep like a boulder or toss and turn all night long,
which bothers Andrew too.
My dreams are just as crazy as ever,
and soon I'll start to feel the baby even more!
I can't wait to feel our little Peanut,
right now he/she just feels like indigestion and gas.
But I definitely know when baby doesn't like a certain food
I ate or something I did cuz I get a "kick" of sorts
and I remember to steer clear of whatever it was!

I still can't believe I'm gonna be a mama!!
It's unreal ;)


  1. So exciting! It's definitely fun to hear the funny things pregnancy is doing to you! Teehee! And that's so exciting that you'll start feeling your little one soon!!

  2. Very exciting! It is good you are remembering to write this stuff down!

  3. You are so good to document all the little tiny things! What an amazing adventure you're going on.

  4. Great idea to write down these fun moments so you can look back on them later!


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