30 December 2011

Our Anniversary

I can't believe I forgot to write down what we did for our anniversary!
So our anniversary was the 16th and we both had to work which kinda stunk
but we tried to make the best of it ;)
At my work, we did gingerbread houses with my kinders
which was a blast!
My parents came and Andrew came with me too ;)
After the gingerbread, we helped the kids with lunch,
then my parents surprised us by taking us out to lunch to Olive Garden!
My favorite place and Andrew loves it too.
It was such a fun and nice time with my parentals ;)
We hadn't gotten to see them for awhile so it was nice to catch up with them ;)

Then Andrew went to work til like midnight
and then back to work the next moring at 8.
He's such a hard worker.
When he came home that night I had heart attacked the apartment
and printed out reasons why I love him and put those
up on the walls next to the hearts ;)
He loved it!

The next night we went to hang out with a few of my Disney Store pals
which was one of the best times in a long time ;)
I miss my Disney family so it was great to catch up with them too ;)
For our anniversary, I made him this little project

This is way cuter than the one I actually made,
I got the idea from Pinterest (of course)
and I accidentally duplicated 2 of them
but Andrew said it was ok ;)
He keeps them next to the bed on his nightstand.

We had made all these grand plans,
trips we wanted to take,
things we wanted to do,
then we decided to not do any of those things.
We knew that our greatest joy was knowing that we were gonna become parents
and we wanted to take things easy
and just spend time together and picture our little one 
that will be with us the next year ;)
I'm the luckiest lady in the world

28 December 2011

More December Fun!

 I wanted to share how Andrew told me what my present was
on Christmas morning ;)
He handed me 2 gifts and told me to open and so I opened the first one
and I found this in the box:

A rice copy of the camera he bought me hahahaha ;)
Andrew told me that it was back-ordered so it wasn't coming til January
but I was still super excited!

Then last I opened his other gift to me
and lo and behold, 
the REAL camera was in there!
Hahahahaha the stinker!
Apparently it came WAY before it was supposed to so it was a surprise to him too!
Awesome right??
I am the luckiest girl ever!

My parents also gave us a year subscription to
Entertainment Weekly magazine!

Also, everyone knows that these are the BEST chocolate cherries in the entire world right?

They come in Dark and Milk but oh....
it's not Christmas without chocolate cherries ;)

Yesterday Andrew and I went to Red Robin
cuz baby really wanted my Banzai burger
and then I could kinda test out my camera somewhere other than the apartment!

Like I said, baby really wanted that burger ;)
And Andrew really likes those fries hahahaha
I have to have them half my burger cuz I can only eat half at a time
so I'm hoping to eat the rest today
while I'm at home!

Anyone else doing something super fun today??
Also, random question,
are maternity pictures popular?
Or only done for certain things?
I haven't decided if I want to have them taken (obviously when I'm farther along)
or not cuz I think it's slightly odd to take pictures of my belly,
but hey if they're cute,
I like cute hahahaha ;)

P.P.S. I'm linking up with Brooke with Year's End posts!
You should too!

26 December 2011

Christmas with the family

I had the BEST Christmas on the planet!
My little brother did homemade gifts this year and they were wonderful!
He made me a paper lantern (like from Tangled) to put in the baby's room ;)
My grandparents gave us grandkids tickets to Wicked in February!!
Andrew hasn't seen it before so I'm super excited to watch it with him!!

The hubs gave me a new camera!

Isn't she beautiful?!
I love her so much!!
I had said that we should get a slightly better camera
for when Peanut is born cuz I'll be obsessed with picture taking ;)
If you click on th picture it'll take you to the site
for specs (cuz I don't know them hahahaha)

I was super excited for this though:

My mom made me a quilt from my old shirts!! ;)
It took her three painful months (her words)
and this describes pretty much my whole jr high - now life ;)
Here's some highlights:

This is from the pin event I worked while at Disneyland!

These from my first trip to NY!

One of the ones from high school
(I graduated in 2007, and this was our junior year shirt:
so year 11 in school and we're the class of '07 hence the
7/11 reference)

This was from a shirt my grandpa gave me when he was dragracing
way back in the day ;)

All in all, it was a great Christmas
and one of the best parts was getting to talk to my brother Nick on his mission
in Pennsylvania ;)
We talked about how excited he is to be an uncle,
how much he loves being out there and loves the people and the work he's doing ;)
It was great to hear him so happy out there!

We had a really fun day opening gifts together,
going to church,
eating Swedes (like crepes),
and Christmas dinner of twice-baked potatoes and roast ;)

I hope your holidays were merry and bright ;)
Today I get to spend more time with my fam
seeing Mission Impossible 4 and  going to a family function later on!
I love this time of year!

21 December 2011

Getting close to 4 months!!!

Ok so some have asked about my baby bump and 
sometimes it just feels like it looks "beer belly" ish
(and no I don't drink, never have and never will!)
But since losing a little weight and getting farther along,
it's gotten to look slightly more like a bump than just a humongous stomach ;)

 And yes, this isn't the best picture of it and I know
that but I can only do so much when I'm home alone trying to figure out
how to make it look good.....
so be nice to me ok?? ;)

I'm coming up on 4 months into this pregnancy!
Holy cow!
Some things that have definitely let up since getting
into my second trimester are:
- my nausea has lessened some
(although it also comes back with full force when just the right smell hits)
- I have some energy finally
- I can eat food sometimes which is nice ;)
(I crave my Red Robin Banzai Burger all the time!
And I was able to eat some of the dinner at 
our family Progressive Christmas Dinner on Sunday!)

I'm constantly looking forward to becoming a mother!
I talk to Peanut a lot and try to make them feel loved
and how excited I am for them to come into our lives ;)
This baby has been such a huge blessing in our lives,
has brought Andrew and I closer together as our baby grows.
Andrew talks to our baby too and it warms my heart ;)

I can't wait to find out who our little Peanut will turn into.
A teacher, cop, dancer, baseball player, etc
And we only have to wait a few more weeks then we'll find out
if Peanut's a boy or girl!!

20 December 2011


I wanted to show you the stockings Andrew's aunt Heidi
made for us!

They're so cute!!
And yes, we hung them by the chimney with care,
with hopes that St Nicholas soon will come here!

I cannot wait for Christmas to get here!!!
All the presents are wrapped,
and under the tree!

And can I get a Hallelujah that today was my last day
work for the semester!
And yay for getting to sleep in for the next 2 weeks!
Baking a baby is super hard on the body
and I'm tired ALL the time ;)

18 December 2011

Year in Retrospect

I've been thinking about this past year,
and it's been a crazy one ;)

First few weeks of being a married couple
Chopped my hair off to re-grow it out

 Got Andrew through this crazy year of school
Went on two trips to Disneyland - one with my family and one with just my mom

Got our callings as Sunbeam teachers ;)
Got our pictures taken thanks to Perla
Got hooked on Pinterest
Saw the end of an era with Harry Potter 7 part 2
Celebrated our birthdays
Found out we're going to have a baby!
Spent our first Thanksgiving together as a married couple
And now our second Christmas as a married couple

And I can't wait for more years to come!

16 December 2011

One Year

One year ago today I married my best friend in the whole world ;)

This year has been full of ups and downs but we have gotten through so much together
and I can't wait for an eternity more to spend with him
and our new baby Peanut ;)
Here's some pictures of our big day
to celebrate!

Bridesmaids and groomsmen

The Mills family

With the Bowler side of the family

All our loved ones with us at the temple ;)

Our first dance

My daddy/daughter dance

Our cake

Andrew said he wouldn't put anything on my face,
he totally did little punky face.

My bridal bouquet

The bridemaids bouquet

I can't believe it's only been a year since we got married!
With an eternity to go!
I love you Andrew!!
Here's to forever! ;)

14 December 2011

Christmas and oh baby baby...

Sorry I've been so MIA again lately.
This baby has really lowered my immune system,
and therefore I catch everything
that my kindergarteners have
and it makes eating even harder than it already was.
But I defintely sleep more,
if I could make a living out of sleeping I'd be making hundreds by now
by sheer hours of naps and trying to sleep through the night.

I don't know if any other pregnant ladies have had this
issue this early on with having trouble sleeping.
I'm only 3 1/2 months along but already I have many problems
sleeping at night and especially through the night.
Any help with that??
I'll do just about anything,
and you guys are the best with advice ;)

I'm getting even more excited for Christmas,
hoping I can eat the dinner hahahaha,
and I can't wait to talk to my brother out in Pennsylvania!
He comes back home next September
and we've decided to wait to bless our baby til he gets home
so he can be a part of that ;)
He missed our wedding so this should make it up to him
in at least some small way ;)
I'm one very proud and excited sister and I can't wait to talk to him
and hear his happy crazy voice!

I also can't wait for everyone to open their gifts from us,
I think we've done pretty dang good this year!
I love our family traditions.
On Christmas Eve we watch the cartoon Grinch,
read the Christmas Story from Luke,
and then Grandpa reads the Christmas Bells
and we all cry by the end of it ;)

And this year on Christmas morning we're gonna have crepes
before church at 11:30,
go to church with the whole family,
then back to my parents house for presents and dinner ;)
(my in-laws will be on a cruise so we're having ours later)

I just love Christmas ;)
Always have, always will especially next year when we'll have our little
Peanut with us, and my brother will be back from his mission ;)

So if anyone has ideas to help me sleep please let me know!


13 December 2011

Winner announced!

The winner of the Blogiversary giveaway is Emma!!!

Girl email me and I'll get you your prize!!!
And thanks to those that entered!
I'll do a real post soon I promise!

10 December 2011


I thought I should kinda update you on how the apartment looks!
All decked out for Christmas and starting to look more like a home than just an empty 
place with white walls  ;)

I LOVE this new apartment!
Having the extra space is just a dream come true!
Especially the poor will-be-baby's-room-but-right-now-it's-the-junk-room room

We kinda throw things in there and shut the door
so people can't see where most of our stuff is hahahaha

Ok so above the fireplace is:

Andrew did it a little different from the last apartment,
and we actually have our fireplace unhindered so if we wanted to use
it we could, although I have no idea how it works! Hahahaha

In my family a big Christmas tradition is
decorating with Annalee dolls:

Aren't their faces so cute!?
(The elf on my lamp in the dining area is also an Annalee)
I started getting these dolls when I turned 18
(I think....pretty sure)
and so now I have my own little collection ;)
The bigger Santa Claus was my first one and I LOVE him!
Just look at that cute piping on his jacket and the buttons!

Moving on,
now I also have a mini-hallway:

I know it's not a whole lot,
but I like the little things that help make it homey ;)
And faith had to go by the hall light 
I mean come on! ;)
It was perfect placement.

Now the only things I have to figure out where to place are my
Disney snowglobes:

And trust me when I say that I sold a couple
but I had to keep the too-cute-for-words ones ;)
That Fantasia one at the bottom is one of my favorites!
And that Cinderella one,
got it for $10 after the box was damaged AND it was on 50% sale ;)
Oh yeah!

Last night I also made the hubs anniversary gift ;)
It's gonna be super cute and fun!
And I tried to wrap Christmas gifts....I need to re-do them hahahaha

Don't forget to enter the little giveaway for my blogiversary!
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P.S. I made these with my kinder kids!

Aren't they adorable?!
Theirs look even cuter than my humongous fingers,
thank you Pinterest!