17 November 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Ok so I realized that Thanksgiving is next week!
Oh my gracious! I'm so not ready!
It'll be fun to see both sides of our family for that special day
(and Andrew gets double the stuffing and he's excited for that) ;)

I'm a little nervous about the smells
(I don't do well with those right now hahahaha)
but I'm hoping I can push through
and not be a total pregnant high maintanence lady ;)

Last night we went and saw AYT's The Pajama Game
that Trev was in!
It was so cute!
This is the first time that Trev has had a real lead and he was so good!
And yeah I'm super biased cuz he's my baby brother
but still, he was super good and hilarious!
I got to wear one of my maternity shirts to the show
which was nice and everyone was touching the belly
and telling me how happy they were for me
(AYT is practically family BTW).
That's the first time people have touched the belly other than my brother
that's obsessed with becoming an uncle hahahaha
so it was kinda nice that more people are excited for us ;)

I know I've mentioned this before,
but I am so grateful for my amazing husband.
He is such a comfort to me when I'm not feeling well,
and he takes such great care of me ;)
And my family is just such a great support system for us
and we can't wait to add to our little family ;)


  1. That is nice that you'll get to see both families!

  2. Oh my goodness the onslaught of smells st Thabksgiving would be a but nerve racking! I hope you do okay! And that's so fun that you got to see your brother perform! It sounds like he was awesome!! :) And that's so cute that everyone was touching your belly! Funny!


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