26 November 2011

Thanksgiving/Black Friday

Ok so I know I said I'd take pictures of everything on Thanksgiving Day,
yeah I'm terrible and forgot.....
Forgive me???
Ok good, moving on ;)

So I was one of those crazy people shopping at midnight
on Black Friday and it was so fun!
Mostly because my mom and I weren't desperate for things,
we just went for things we wanted and if they had them great,
if not no big deal ;)
I also started the night looking like this:
We also visited Best Buy since Andrew was working
(poor guy worked from 11pm Thursday night til 8 Friday morning)
here's some proof that he really was working:

His line was insanely long!
And he blew us kisses as we left,
and thankfully that guy didn't feel weird having some crazy girl 
taking pictures of him hahahahaha

So onto the purchases!
First we hit up Bath and Body Works
(their line was shorter)
and I left with:

They had a bag you could buy for $20 if you spent $40
and it had $110 worth of stuff inside.
Um yeah totally got it but it's already in the closet with the other purses
so sorry for no picture!
Those makeup bags and loofa will be making a re-appearance as a giveaway
soon here for the blogiversary ;)
I finally got some shower gel!!
I have missed it so much!
Oh and scents were:
Dark Kiss, Secret Wonderland, Be Enchanted (that's the new one), 
and one Vanilla Bean Noel lotion.

Next was the Disney Store
and I came away with only this:

Our new tree topper and tree skirt! 
Aren't they adorable!?
And that was really all I wanted from there this year
(next year I'm screwed cuz I'll have a child to spoil.....oh no)

I actually didn't do too bad exhaustion-wise either,
I guess baby likes Christmas like mama and wanted to have fun too ;)
By the end of the night though I looked like this:
 I got home at 2:45 ish, bed by 3:00 AM
then at 10 went to Target since I needed to get the hubs gifts too ;)
I gave him part of it yesterday cuz he was so sad-looking
and he'd been talking about this particular thing
for WEEKS and was gonna get impatient 
so he got super excited when he saw this:

The newest Zelda game ;)
He's a very happy boy!
Obviously I'm not gonna put what else I got cuz that's a surprise!

Also, kudos and brownies to whomever
can guess what movie Andrew bought me for fun??

I guess this last one might have given it away,
but still who knows what it is?? ;)

Anyone else brave those crazy lines and people on Friday?
What did you get if you did?


  1. You came away with a lot a great stuff! And what a steal on the Bath and Body Works goody bag!

  2. "Beauty and the Beast". What do I win????

  3. You found some awesome steals! :] What a fun weekend!

  4. That's the Christmas Beauty and The Beast. I watched that alot and sadly cannot think of the OFFICIAL title. Sorry.

    I went to Kohl's at 9:30 Friday morning. Picked up a couple presents and took them to the Kohl's Kiosk, then I left. Today I got the email that they are about to ship. Absolutely ZERO lines. Yep. I'm good.

  5. What a brave preggo you are going out on Black Friday!! You will have to tell me how Andrew likes Skyward Sword. I love all the Zelda games and I'm about 3 hours into the game and I've barely scratched the surface. It's not my favorite, but I hope it gets better!


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