13 November 2011


SO the baby has been making me really really sick for the past few days
which means a lot of resting on the couch,
walking around outside for a little,
(I have to exercise for the peanut)
then back to resting.

And today we had our Primary Program,
and the kids did great! 
Really really great actually ;)
I was so proud of them and they stayed in their chairs too!
So when we got home,
Andrew put some dishes in to wash,
and started to make dinner for us.
He's such a great man.
I mean especially since I've been so not myself
since we got pregnant and feeling so gross.
He is a saint!
Gives me massages on my sore legs,
and helps me with the smelly trash
and other such nonsense ;)
I love him so much and I know he'll be a great father
to our baby ;)

He also lets me watch whatever movie I'm
in the mood for, including Christmas movies,
which he doesn't like before Thanksgiving.
Doesn't that prove how much he loves me?? ;)
I've been writing down all the wonderful things
Andrew does so that our children know how amazing
their father is ;)
I couldn't have asked for a better husband and best friend ;)


  1. I love that you've been writing the nice things your husband does. How sweet! :] If you ever get frustrated with him you can always read that list as well! I think I'll have to start a list! And I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Ali - I'm doing my sponsor feature, and for some reason didn't have your email with the picture, blurb, and everything like that. I just took your pic from your twitter, and can use your blurb from your about me, but if you get this comment before I post the actual feature, feel free to email me at alyx2011@gmail.com with a blurb about your blog and what you would wish for if you could have three wishes. Sorry I didn't realize I had lost this stuff sooner - something funky happened with my email a few weeks ago, and I lost a bunch of random emails. Sorry for the late notice!!!


  3. Aw! What a good hubby!!! :) You lucky girl!

  4. Awwww. I dont know what to say.. to be honest when i m reading ur posts, i felt jealous [ sorry ] ,i wish i can get my soulmate too, and just by seeing u both happy makes me feel happy, and its giving me a new hope in life that i will also get my soulmate soon, cant wait for my soulmate hehe. by the way i have a question, can u tell me how did u met Andrew first ?and where and how u became friend to him and how did ur friendship turned into love? i m really curious to know, and u know one more thing, u and me are living in 2 different parts of the world but still u are sooooooo much like me , i mean ur mentality and my mentality was sooo much same, as if like we were twin sisters in the last lifetime hehe [ but thats how i feel after reading ur posts ] yest i found ur blog by searching for dimples in the google and there i found ur blog in google images hehe and i m glad that i found ur blog, after all i came to know abt u , and i realized that u are soooo much like me, like the way u talk, u think, u write, i used to be a blogger too, and also i talk to my friend in the same way like u write , every single detail abt ur life, ur joys, ur feelings urs Sweet Hubby, and thats how i talk to my friends. any ways i m so happy to find ur blog, its very cool and interesting. i am really looking forward to see ur post where u can write abt ur love story abt how u met ur Dream guy first, how u became friends how it turned love, and how he proposed u to wedding , i m soo excited to know all these things hehe, and i want to say one more thing You are really lucky Ali to get such a nice hubby , very few people in this world gets a soulmate like that, and that too in this cruel world its very very rare to find such a nice person in life:) and i pray to god that u and ur hubby live together in the same way till eternity . and wish me the same . and if i find my soulmate may be i may also start blogging again and i may also write abt my Sweet heart, :)


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