15 November 2011

Q & A sesh

I'm so thrilled that my first Q & A got such a great response!
Like I said, you guys are the greatest!

And now I will answer your brilliant questions ;)

If you could have ANY job what would it be?

Wow, ANY job? I would love to be brave enough to be Indiana Jonesette ;)
Can't ya just see me with a whip??

 If you could visit any place in the world - money and time no object - 
where would you go and why?

I have always wanted to tour all of Europe.
And I do mean ALL of Europe,
every little country and fill my passport with pretty stamps ;)

What baby names do you like so far?

Normally, I wouldn't write these,
but family already knows and we've had these planned for a long time!
Girl - Aurora Rose (nickname Rory)
Boy - Benjamin Ryan (nickname Ben)

What are your thought about epidural vs natural birth?

Um....get me the drugs!
I'm a total wimp and have HUGE respect for women that can birth naturally
Kudos my friends, kudos!

Have you found any fun books about pregnancy yet?

Not yet, honestly though I haven't been looking quite yet,
so if anyone has one I should try PLEASE comment below!

How long have you been a blogger and do you have any advice?

I've been blogging for 3 years this December
(holy wow time flies!)
and my main advice is:
write what YOU want, it's YOUR blog after all ;)
Don't get too caught up with feeling like you need to write everyday,
or link up with every linky party in the world,
all the crazy giveaways, etc.
Just be you!
That's why people read your blog is to get to know you!
Also ignore those negative comments 
that every now and then happen.
Don't let it get to you,
I just delete them and move on ;)

You waited for Andrew to come back from his mission right?
What was the hardest part of that time, 
and did you go on dates with other guys during that time?

Yes I did wait and it was really hard,
I think the hardest part was just waiting to hear from him.
He went to Argentina so letters and tapes were slow to get back and forth.
But I loved having 2 years of always checking the mail for letters
and sometimes getting 2-3 at a time cuz 
they got stuck in the mail system down there ;)
Sometimes it would be months before I got anything,
that was rough.....
Dates........no I didn't date anyone during that time.
(I'm not the best date person apparently)
But I did hang out with friends and do some self-exploration
during those 2 years and learned more about myself and 
worked at Disneyland at the end of that ;)

What are you guys doing for your anniversary?

Not a dang clue!
Andrew's in charge hahahahaha
but he says he has a few different sets of plans
all depending on baby behaving or not ;)
I know I'll be going to work that day
(gingerbread houses day in kindergarten)
but other than that it's all a surprise!
(But I do have his gift already heeheehee)

How many children do you guys want?

Depends on who you ask ;)
Andrew says 6 and I say
"Ask me after this one!"
I'm content with as many as Heavenly Father decides to bestow
upon us but we're not gonna go crazy like the Duggars or anything!
(20 kids! Yikes!!!!)

Thanks so much for your questions!
If you have anymore,
you can comment below or email me and I'll answer them ;)



  1. Wait... you mean you DON'T want to be pregnant the rest of your adult life?! Weird....

  2. I enjoyed reading your answers! The names you have picked out are really cute!

  3. Loved reading your answers!! :) So fun!!

  4. So fun to read this and learn more about you! Love the names you chose!!! :)

  5. Stopping by from Every Day Is A New Adventure. The picture she posted is so cute. Love your baby name picks, and I am so with you.. I am a wimp, give me the drugs! haha ;)

    New follower


  6. This was fun to read. =)

    Where does the Ryan come from? Or do you just like it?


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