14 November 2011

Oh gosh!!

Oh gosh guys have you seen this?????

I LOVE these books and I'm oober oober oober excited for the movie!
It looks like it'll be amazing!!
Anyone else freaking out at it's awesomeness??

BTW if you haven't read the Hunger Games,
get on that train!!
I'm telling you they're great reads!



  1. Just dropping by to say thank you for the thank you card! You're too sweet :)

  2. LOVE the trailer! I've watched it on so many blogs today! And every blog that has it again I watch it again. Teehee. So good! I can't wait for it to come out!!

  3. P.S. In response to your comment on my blog: As far as I know I don't have the same ailment as you! Haha. Unless of course hacking up a lung is a symptom of pregnancy! Haha!

  4. Does anyone else think that the Katniss girl looks like a brunette Raven/Mystique from the newest X-Men?


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