10 November 2011

My Followers

I know that I have the best followers of all time! ;)
You guys always make me feel better
when I feel so lonely, or sick, or just needing to vent.
So I've been thinking that maybe I would do a Q & A
with my followers!
I've never done one before but I thought it'd be fun!

So you can ask me anything about:
blog, baby, hubs, me, Disneyland, etc ;)

So let's do it this way,
comment below with your question
or questions you are more than welcome to ask more than one ;)
and then I'll answer as many as I can!


  1. We're doing this over at our place too! ;) http://www.trulylovelyblog.com/2011/11/tmi-tuesday-1.html

    Hmm... my questions:

    1. If you could have ANY job what would it be?

    2. If you could visit any place in the world - money and time no object - where would you go and why?

    3. What baby names do you like so far?

  2. I like Kassi's last question a lot! Teehee! Also, what are your thoughts on epidurals vs. natural birth? And have you found any fun books about pregnancy/giving birth yet?

  3. Just found your blog, and I'm a fellow mormon blogger! Its so fun looking around your blog! Now I'm following you! How long have you been a blogger? Do you have any blogging advice for me? I just barely got one, so if you have a chance to check it out, I would appreciate it!
    The Allred Abode

  4. 1. You waited for Andrew to get back from his mission right? If so, what was the hardest part and did you go on dates with any other guys?
    2. What are you guys doing for your anniversary?
    3. How many children do you guys want?


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