09 November 2011

The Miracle

Ok sorry for the absence friends,
it's been a little hectic the past couple days and honestly,
I've been super exhausted!

So we had our Dr appointment yesterday and we saw the baby!!
It's so little!!
I had this overwhelming sense of awe though when we saw the heartbeat
fluttering and realized that we helped create that miracle!
My doctor is amazing and he kept me calm,
and at ease.
(or at least in as much ease as those kind of appointment will allow)
He checked for twins, triplets, quads, etc
and there's only one
Not that I wouldn't love multiples but I'm good with one to start off ;)

I'm officially 9 weeks along
(I'll be 10 weeks on Sunday,
yeah the countdown at the top is off a bit)
and due in June!!

I'm so excited and feel so blessed to have this 
great gift as well as a husband that deals with my even crazier
pregnant self and my cravings hahahahaha

So here's the peanut:

 Yep that's all ours!!! ;)
I can't wait to see them grow
and find out what we're having!
(should find out about January ish)

Ahhhhhh! I'm gonna be a mom!!!


  1. Awww, that is seriously so exciting!!! Congratulations again!

  2. Congratulations!! :] How awesome that you got to see your baby!

  3. How exciting and fun!!! ;) So what are you craving?

  4. Awww congrats Ali!!! So excited for you guys!

  5. Ahhh so amazing! Congratulations to you and your husband, Ali and the start of your family :) So exciting!


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