22 November 2011

Just the best

Sorry for being a little MIA for a couple days!
I haven't had much to write about honestly,
it's pretty much the same:
baby, baby, work, baby, try to eat and relax, pack, baby, etc ;)

One really fun thing that did happen was on Saturday,
Andrew took me to Old Navy to get some maternity clothes ;)
Now we didn't get a ton,
but I got a new shirt and two new dresses and an undershirt!
All on clearance and they all look good on me thank the heavens!
Now I want you to understand that Andrew pretty much hates
shopping, especially clothes shopping,
so this was an amazing thing he did for me ;)
I knew I married the best one!

Here's the shirt we bought:
It's a little big but that's good since I have 
lots of room to grow! ;)
I plan on probably buying some other colors of this style,
it's SOOOOO comfy!

I'll take pictures of the actual outfits soon and post them
(there just hasn't been time for Andrew to take them for me,
and it's kinda hard to do self-portraits without a standing mirror)
I'm gonna wear my nicer dress for my family's Thanksgiving
since we will also be taking family pictures that day,
I best look good yeah?? ;)

Speaking of Thanksgiving,
anyone have ideas on how to battle the nausea the smells
will most likely produce for me??
At school today the older kids had a "feast" 
and the smells were killing me slowly
(me and the other pregnant lady at school)
Please any ideas!!!


  1. So excited to see all of your cute maternity clothes! :] How fun! And how sweet of your husband! I hope you don't have to have nausea and morning sickness for much longer!

  2. I don't know any hints for no nausea, but your shirt sure is cute!

  3. Pregnant clothes are so expensive, but a girl who's just getting fatter MUST feel cute. :) No suggestions on the nausea thing except leaving for fresh air. I worked with dogs for a pharmeceutical research company during my pregnancy and I turned green just walking in there.

  4. PS-I can't find your email to tell you I added your button under a page.

  5. typically it helps if you suck on something, like a sucker. Peppermints, while not as good, are the best at fighting nausea. Especially if they're really natural with a lot of that pepermint oil in them. It's been a natural way to fight nausea for ages! :)

    p.s. you would never know your dad took your wedding photos! they look great :)


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