18 November 2011


I don't know how many of you have heard this,
but when you're pregnant you have the WEIRDEST dreams on the planet!
And I do mean, WEIRD!

Ok my dreams would be super cool if they were like this!
But no, mine usually are combinations of things I did that day,
watched that day, ate that day.......thought about that day.
And dude half the time I don't remember doing any of it hahahaha

Ok examples:
The other night I woke up with a start.
I dreamed that Indiana Jones had come to my grandparents
old house in California to deliver something to my grandpa
and it was not what grandpa wanted and he got ANGRY about it
(my grandpa doesn't get angry, 
I mean srsly he never does so this was a big deal)
and then I saw my baby girl messing with
my "mom" (it was so not my real mom)
and giggling and then I looked down and was still pregnant!
Now we don't know if peanut is a girl or boy yet,
but all my dreams have been about girls so I don't know if that's a sign or not.

Another night I had a dream that combined Planet of the Apes
and Lord of the Rings.
Yeah.......that's weird right?
I don't even LIKE Planet of the Apes
(it freaks me out a bit to be honest)
and Gollum was this hairy version of himself
and he kept trying to steal my wedding ring
and I was like NO way Jose!
This isn't your dumb precious!
and there was a shark (JAWS most likely),
Katniss from Hunger Games,
and I'm not even sure what or who else was there!

Do you see what I mean by freaky weird dreams??
Oh dear me!
And I'm only on week 10-11! hahahaha
I'm guessing it just gets "better" as baby gets closer to being here ;)

Can you also see how sometimes I have problems sleeping at night??
Oh peanut! The things you're putting me through! ;)


  1. Haha cute post! I am having crazy dreams too and I am only 13 weeks. I have always had weird dreams though and being pregnant only makes them crazier. I wake up exhausted every morning because every night is like I am staring in an action packed movie.

  2. That's some crazy stuff!!! So exciting, though!

  3. haha too funny... yes it is VERY true, and honestly i find the farther along you get the crazier and more vivid they get. HAVE FUN SLEEPING!!!

  4. Haha. You do have crazy dreams! That will be an interesting change whenever I get pregnant. I don't dream at all right now!

  5. wow! do you rest at all?! sounds stressful. :)


  6. I remember waking up knowing that crazy things happened. But the only one I remember now was dreaming that my mom died. I woke up and I thought it was real for like 2.5 seconds. Then realized it was a dream but I was so sad and disheveled, Eric woke up and had to cuddle me until I calmed down.

    In more recent news, last week I dreamed I was with Jack Bauer (you know, 24) and it was season one (why I knew that in my dream, who knows) and we were running to escape from this compound thing where we were being held and one of the people on our team was Finn from Glee and he was killed in the escape. And this is all WITHOUT current pregnancy.

    Keep up the stories. You always have good ones. =)

  7. What a cute, cute, cute, blog! I am sooo excited for you to become a mother. There is nothing better! :) I hope the morning sickness passes quickly so you can enjoy those kicks and hiccups and an adorable round stomach. I can't wait to be pregnant again. Isn't that weird?

  8. Ha ha that's great! I have wierd dreams already so I'm sure if being pregnant makes them wierder, they will be insane. :)


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