01 November 2011

Baby baby baby oh!

My little peanut is a little high maintenance
and it's hard to push through work sometimes
(the kids are all super excited for me and they know to always give me water
but now all I want to do is shop shop shop!

For me and peanut!
I love all the cute things that are out there for mamas!
And of course, my baby will probably be better dressed than I will
hahahahaha ;)

Now first off,
why are all the models so stinkin skinny!?
The majority of women that I know that have been preggo,
are slightly bloated and a little bigger than a stick....
me included!!
The kinda weird thing about my pregnancy is that I'm 
due in June so I'll be preggo all through winter AND summer!
So I need summer and winter maternity clothes hahahaha
but hey that just means more new things for me ;)

My family has next Halloween already planned
to include the about 3-4 month old baby
my brothers are both SOOO excited to be uncles
especially since Nick will come home about 3 months after the baby's born
and he plans on stealing our child for a long time hahahaha
We're also hoping that we can hold off the baby blessing so
Nick can be involved in all the festivities ;)

I'm so excited about this little peanut
and terrified all at the same time ;)
Isn't that "normal" for a new soon-to-be-parent?

P.S. Can you believe it's NOVEMBER already!?
Holy cow!!
That means Christmas is NEXT month!!!
Can you feel my excitememt!?
I'm planning on buying this:
Since we will now finally have room in the new apartment ;)

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  1. The models are all so skinny because they aren't really preggo... they usually just use models with the fake belly things I think.
    And... you are making me baby hungry! Ahh! You're going to have a blast with everything!

  2. They're just models with fake belly. Congratulation on your pregnancy! I can still recall the first time you came to my blog and wished to be a parent yourself. Now you're on the way to being one and I'm so glad to share the happiness with you. Take care!:) xo

  3. Ok yes, i was going to tell you the same thing the first two commenters said. Its fake sister. Just be jealous of the lucky few women who look adorable pregnant in real life! I was looking through some of my pregnancy pictures yesterday, and it made me never want to be pregnant again! But the good news is that most people think pregos are cute, and you are your own worst critic.

  4. I am so excited for you girlie!!! My best would be that those models aren't even preggers. Bet their just stuffed to look like it! haha. You are seriously NOT helping my baby fever by the way.... ;)


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