30 November 2011


I know I've been kinda slackin off 
but I have a good excuse (other than the baby making me sick)
since we're moving tomorrow (yeah I know only next door
but still it's a crazy time right now)

SO I'll see you guys on the other side!
(and I PROMISE PROMISE promise I'll take pictures!)

Loves to you all!!

26 November 2011

Thanksgiving/Black Friday

Ok so I know I said I'd take pictures of everything on Thanksgiving Day,
yeah I'm terrible and forgot.....
Forgive me???
Ok good, moving on ;)

So I was one of those crazy people shopping at midnight
on Black Friday and it was so fun!
Mostly because my mom and I weren't desperate for things,
we just went for things we wanted and if they had them great,
if not no big deal ;)
I also started the night looking like this:
We also visited Best Buy since Andrew was working
(poor guy worked from 11pm Thursday night til 8 Friday morning)
here's some proof that he really was working:

His line was insanely long!
And he blew us kisses as we left,
and thankfully that guy didn't feel weird having some crazy girl 
taking pictures of him hahahahaha

So onto the purchases!
First we hit up Bath and Body Works
(their line was shorter)
and I left with:

They had a bag you could buy for $20 if you spent $40
and it had $110 worth of stuff inside.
Um yeah totally got it but it's already in the closet with the other purses
so sorry for no picture!
Those makeup bags and loofa will be making a re-appearance as a giveaway
soon here for the blogiversary ;)
I finally got some shower gel!!
I have missed it so much!
Oh and scents were:
Dark Kiss, Secret Wonderland, Be Enchanted (that's the new one), 
and one Vanilla Bean Noel lotion.

Next was the Disney Store
and I came away with only this:

Our new tree topper and tree skirt! 
Aren't they adorable!?
And that was really all I wanted from there this year
(next year I'm screwed cuz I'll have a child to spoil.....oh no)

I actually didn't do too bad exhaustion-wise either,
I guess baby likes Christmas like mama and wanted to have fun too ;)
By the end of the night though I looked like this:
 I got home at 2:45 ish, bed by 3:00 AM
then at 10 went to Target since I needed to get the hubs gifts too ;)
I gave him part of it yesterday cuz he was so sad-looking
and he'd been talking about this particular thing
for WEEKS and was gonna get impatient 
so he got super excited when he saw this:

The newest Zelda game ;)
He's a very happy boy!
Obviously I'm not gonna put what else I got cuz that's a surprise!

Also, kudos and brownies to whomever
can guess what movie Andrew bought me for fun??

I guess this last one might have given it away,
but still who knows what it is?? ;)

Anyone else brave those crazy lines and people on Friday?
What did you get if you did?

22 November 2011

Just the best

Sorry for being a little MIA for a couple days!
I haven't had much to write about honestly,
it's pretty much the same:
baby, baby, work, baby, try to eat and relax, pack, baby, etc ;)

One really fun thing that did happen was on Saturday,
Andrew took me to Old Navy to get some maternity clothes ;)
Now we didn't get a ton,
but I got a new shirt and two new dresses and an undershirt!
All on clearance and they all look good on me thank the heavens!
Now I want you to understand that Andrew pretty much hates
shopping, especially clothes shopping,
so this was an amazing thing he did for me ;)
I knew I married the best one!

Here's the shirt we bought:
It's a little big but that's good since I have 
lots of room to grow! ;)
I plan on probably buying some other colors of this style,
it's SOOOOO comfy!

I'll take pictures of the actual outfits soon and post them
(there just hasn't been time for Andrew to take them for me,
and it's kinda hard to do self-portraits without a standing mirror)
I'm gonna wear my nicer dress for my family's Thanksgiving
since we will also be taking family pictures that day,
I best look good yeah?? ;)

Speaking of Thanksgiving,
anyone have ideas on how to battle the nausea the smells
will most likely produce for me??
At school today the older kids had a "feast" 
and the smells were killing me slowly
(me and the other pregnant lady at school)
Please any ideas!!!

18 November 2011


I don't know how many of you have heard this,
but when you're pregnant you have the WEIRDEST dreams on the planet!
And I do mean, WEIRD!

Ok my dreams would be super cool if they were like this!
But no, mine usually are combinations of things I did that day,
watched that day, ate that day.......thought about that day.
And dude half the time I don't remember doing any of it hahahaha

Ok examples:
The other night I woke up with a start.
I dreamed that Indiana Jones had come to my grandparents
old house in California to deliver something to my grandpa
and it was not what grandpa wanted and he got ANGRY about it
(my grandpa doesn't get angry, 
I mean srsly he never does so this was a big deal)
and then I saw my baby girl messing with
my "mom" (it was so not my real mom)
and giggling and then I looked down and was still pregnant!
Now we don't know if peanut is a girl or boy yet,
but all my dreams have been about girls so I don't know if that's a sign or not.

Another night I had a dream that combined Planet of the Apes
and Lord of the Rings.
Yeah.......that's weird right?
I don't even LIKE Planet of the Apes
(it freaks me out a bit to be honest)
and Gollum was this hairy version of himself
and he kept trying to steal my wedding ring
and I was like NO way Jose!
This isn't your dumb precious!
and there was a shark (JAWS most likely),
Katniss from Hunger Games,
and I'm not even sure what or who else was there!

Do you see what I mean by freaky weird dreams??
Oh dear me!
And I'm only on week 10-11! hahahaha
I'm guessing it just gets "better" as baby gets closer to being here ;)

Can you also see how sometimes I have problems sleeping at night??
Oh peanut! The things you're putting me through! ;)

17 November 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Ok so I realized that Thanksgiving is next week!
Oh my gracious! I'm so not ready!
It'll be fun to see both sides of our family for that special day
(and Andrew gets double the stuffing and he's excited for that) ;)

I'm a little nervous about the smells
(I don't do well with those right now hahahaha)
but I'm hoping I can push through
and not be a total pregnant high maintanence lady ;)

Last night we went and saw AYT's The Pajama Game
that Trev was in!
It was so cute!
This is the first time that Trev has had a real lead and he was so good!
And yeah I'm super biased cuz he's my baby brother
but still, he was super good and hilarious!
I got to wear one of my maternity shirts to the show
which was nice and everyone was touching the belly
and telling me how happy they were for me
(AYT is practically family BTW).
That's the first time people have touched the belly other than my brother
that's obsessed with becoming an uncle hahahaha
so it was kinda nice that more people are excited for us ;)

I know I've mentioned this before,
but I am so grateful for my amazing husband.
He is such a comfort to me when I'm not feeling well,
and he takes such great care of me ;)
And my family is just such a great support system for us
and we can't wait to add to our little family ;)

15 November 2011

Q & A sesh

I'm so thrilled that my first Q & A got such a great response!
Like I said, you guys are the greatest!

And now I will answer your brilliant questions ;)

If you could have ANY job what would it be?

Wow, ANY job? I would love to be brave enough to be Indiana Jonesette ;)
Can't ya just see me with a whip??

 If you could visit any place in the world - money and time no object - 
where would you go and why?

I have always wanted to tour all of Europe.
And I do mean ALL of Europe,
every little country and fill my passport with pretty stamps ;)

What baby names do you like so far?

Normally, I wouldn't write these,
but family already knows and we've had these planned for a long time!
Girl - Aurora Rose (nickname Rory)
Boy - Benjamin Ryan (nickname Ben)

What are your thought about epidural vs natural birth?

Um....get me the drugs!
I'm a total wimp and have HUGE respect for women that can birth naturally
Kudos my friends, kudos!

Have you found any fun books about pregnancy yet?

Not yet, honestly though I haven't been looking quite yet,
so if anyone has one I should try PLEASE comment below!

How long have you been a blogger and do you have any advice?

I've been blogging for 3 years this December
(holy wow time flies!)
and my main advice is:
write what YOU want, it's YOUR blog after all ;)
Don't get too caught up with feeling like you need to write everyday,
or link up with every linky party in the world,
all the crazy giveaways, etc.
Just be you!
That's why people read your blog is to get to know you!
Also ignore those negative comments 
that every now and then happen.
Don't let it get to you,
I just delete them and move on ;)

You waited for Andrew to come back from his mission right?
What was the hardest part of that time, 
and did you go on dates with other guys during that time?

Yes I did wait and it was really hard,
I think the hardest part was just waiting to hear from him.
He went to Argentina so letters and tapes were slow to get back and forth.
But I loved having 2 years of always checking the mail for letters
and sometimes getting 2-3 at a time cuz 
they got stuck in the mail system down there ;)
Sometimes it would be months before I got anything,
that was rough.....
Dates........no I didn't date anyone during that time.
(I'm not the best date person apparently)
But I did hang out with friends and do some self-exploration
during those 2 years and learned more about myself and 
worked at Disneyland at the end of that ;)

What are you guys doing for your anniversary?

Not a dang clue!
Andrew's in charge hahahahaha
but he says he has a few different sets of plans
all depending on baby behaving or not ;)
I know I'll be going to work that day
(gingerbread houses day in kindergarten)
but other than that it's all a surprise!
(But I do have his gift already heeheehee)

How many children do you guys want?

Depends on who you ask ;)
Andrew says 6 and I say
"Ask me after this one!"
I'm content with as many as Heavenly Father decides to bestow
upon us but we're not gonna go crazy like the Duggars or anything!
(20 kids! Yikes!!!!)

Thanks so much for your questions!
If you have anymore,
you can comment below or email me and I'll answer them ;)


14 November 2011

Oh gosh!!

Oh gosh guys have you seen this?????

I LOVE these books and I'm oober oober oober excited for the movie!
It looks like it'll be amazing!!
Anyone else freaking out at it's awesomeness??

BTW if you haven't read the Hunger Games,
get on that train!!
I'm telling you they're great reads!


13 November 2011


SO the baby has been making me really really sick for the past few days
which means a lot of resting on the couch,
walking around outside for a little,
(I have to exercise for the peanut)
then back to resting.

And today we had our Primary Program,
and the kids did great! 
Really really great actually ;)
I was so proud of them and they stayed in their chairs too!
So when we got home,
Andrew put some dishes in to wash,
and started to make dinner for us.
He's such a great man.
I mean especially since I've been so not myself
since we got pregnant and feeling so gross.
He is a saint!
Gives me massages on my sore legs,
and helps me with the smelly trash
and other such nonsense ;)
I love him so much and I know he'll be a great father
to our baby ;)

He also lets me watch whatever movie I'm
in the mood for, including Christmas movies,
which he doesn't like before Thanksgiving.
Doesn't that prove how much he loves me?? ;)
I've been writing down all the wonderful things
Andrew does so that our children know how amazing
their father is ;)
I couldn't have asked for a better husband and best friend ;)

11 November 2011

11:11, 11/11/11

So this is a cool day ;)
Make sure you make your wish at 11:11!

As for me, 
it's more packing, packing, and taking it slow ;)

Hope you all enjoy your day off work and Happy Veteran's Day!

P.S. Go here to ask me any questions you feel like! ;)


10 November 2011

My Followers

I know that I have the best followers of all time! ;)
You guys always make me feel better
when I feel so lonely, or sick, or just needing to vent.
So I've been thinking that maybe I would do a Q & A
with my followers!
I've never done one before but I thought it'd be fun!

So you can ask me anything about:
blog, baby, hubs, me, Disneyland, etc ;)

So let's do it this way,
comment below with your question
or questions you are more than welcome to ask more than one ;)
and then I'll answer as many as I can!

09 November 2011

The Miracle

Ok sorry for the absence friends,
it's been a little hectic the past couple days and honestly,
I've been super exhausted!

So we had our Dr appointment yesterday and we saw the baby!!
It's so little!!
I had this overwhelming sense of awe though when we saw the heartbeat
fluttering and realized that we helped create that miracle!
My doctor is amazing and he kept me calm,
and at ease.
(or at least in as much ease as those kind of appointment will allow)
He checked for twins, triplets, quads, etc
and there's only one
Not that I wouldn't love multiples but I'm good with one to start off ;)

I'm officially 9 weeks along
(I'll be 10 weeks on Sunday,
yeah the countdown at the top is off a bit)
and due in June!!

I'm so excited and feel so blessed to have this 
great gift as well as a husband that deals with my even crazier
pregnant self and my cravings hahahahaha

So here's the peanut:

 Yep that's all ours!!! ;)
I can't wait to see them grow
and find out what we're having!
(should find out about January ish)

Ahhhhhh! I'm gonna be a mom!!!

06 November 2011

Weekend wonders

I know I've mentioned the amazing weather finally coming to AZ,
ad I'll say it again:

Ok so yesterday I spent the day at home
(I know, I was supposed to go shopping,
but a fever and slight flu bug kept me home)
with the windows open
watching The Grinch and White Christmas
and listening to Christmas music ;)
Had to do it when the hubs wasn't home though cuz he's one of those people
that hates Christmas music before Thanksgiving
but he loves me anyways ;)
I even did some online Christmas shopping done!

And today, 
again windows open,
but watching Tangled
and later tonight it's my birthday dinner with my family
(lasagna!!!!!! my favorite)

Any fun adventures you're doing this weekend??
Hope you all have a great Sunday!

P.S. make sure you check who the winners are from the giveaways!

05 November 2011

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Ok not really a chicken dinner but it's time to announce the winners for the
Birthday Week of Giveaways!

I know, you've all been dying to know right?? ;)
I pulled every winner out of my cutest hat:
So let us begin!

the winner of the mini photo session with Noelle is:

Whitney from Writing on a Whim!


The winner of this lovely frame made by Miss Holly:


Winner of the Scentsy Circles from Miss Kassi:


Winner of this adorable ear warmer from Miss Emma:

Kassi from Truly Lovely!!


Winner of the mini session of photos from Miss Perla:

Anna Banana from The Lone Banana!

And lastly:

Winner of my mega birthday giveaway:

Kaycie from Redhead Memories!!

Thank you guys so much for participating!!
Winners please email me your info so these amazing ladies can
get your prizes out to you!


My 3 year blogiversary (sp?)
is coming up in December,
would anyone want to do another week of giveaways like this??
Did you enjoy it??

04 November 2011


Oh my lovelies I'm SOOO happy it's Friday!
Means I get to sleep in tomorrow and Sunday!
Baby really likes to sleep hahahaha
AND Fridays are my early days off of work  ;)

And even more, I get to go shopping on Saturday for new clothes!
I'll do my best to document the cute things I find!
And I'm hoping Andrew will let me buy that Christmas tree at Target ;)
With 3 huge boxes full of ornaments I need a tree!
What are you up to this weekend??

Today's the last day to enter the giveaways!!!
Click the picture on the top of the sidebar!
Winners will be chosen tomorrow! ;)

03 November 2011

Looking Forward

I absolutely LOVE this time of year.
And by that I mean, the holidays ;)
The weather is finally cooling down here in AZ
and it's lots of time to spend with our families ;)

That's the best part, 
spending time with the ones that matter most.
I love family time.
Reminiscing about old times,
looking forward to the new times to come.
Feeling the family love and the craziness 
that the holidays bring.

One of the best traditions we do is called 
"the shoe elf".
Now it starts in December
but it's still awesome!
So every night you put out one shoe by your door,
and when you wake up in the morning there's a piece of candy
or little trinket inside!
We use leftover Halloween candy to supply the shoe elf ;)
I cannot WAIT to do this with my own kids ;)

Do you have any fun traditions for the holidays??
And I think I might actually take pictures
of all our family events or at least hopefully ;)

02 November 2011

Pack the boxes, pack the boxes

So as I'm packing up the apartment
(to move next door - a whole 20 feet ish)
I'm finding all kinds of goodies hahahahaha
- food in the couch (as always)
- books I thought we'd lost
- little trinkets that had fallen without my knowledge
- Disney pins I thought I'd lost
and a little bit more

Remember when I re-organized the closets?
Luckily then I also found lots of goodies and got rid of some unnecessary junk.
And now I'm able to get rid of even more!
I hate clutter and unfortunately when I'm sick
I get lazy and don't clean as well as I should and piles get everywhere.
It's been super hard to pack sometimes cuz of the nausea.
I get frustrated with myslef cuz I can't do as much as I used to,
but then I remember why and I'm ok with it ;)

A child is always worth it in my opinion.
But I will remind this child of all the annoyances they caused me
just as my parents do to me all the time ;)
In a good way!
My parents are great people,
I promise they just tease all three of us about our "horror" stories
so that is something I will be passing on to my kids hahahaha.

Ok now I have to stop procrastinating the inevitable
and go pack some more.......
this means watching Christmas movies since Andrew's at work!
Heeheeheehee I'm so sneaky!

P.S. enter the giveaways!
and P.P.S. look what I found at Old Navy!


01 November 2011

Baby baby baby oh!

My little peanut is a little high maintenance
and it's hard to push through work sometimes
(the kids are all super excited for me and they know to always give me water
but now all I want to do is shop shop shop!

For me and peanut!
I love all the cute things that are out there for mamas!
And of course, my baby will probably be better dressed than I will
hahahahaha ;)

Now first off,
why are all the models so stinkin skinny!?
The majority of women that I know that have been preggo,
are slightly bloated and a little bigger than a stick....
me included!!
The kinda weird thing about my pregnancy is that I'm 
due in June so I'll be preggo all through winter AND summer!
So I need summer and winter maternity clothes hahahaha
but hey that just means more new things for me ;)

My family has next Halloween already planned
to include the about 3-4 month old baby
my brothers are both SOOO excited to be uncles
especially since Nick will come home about 3 months after the baby's born
and he plans on stealing our child for a long time hahahaha
We're also hoping that we can hold off the baby blessing so
Nick can be involved in all the festivities ;)

I'm so excited about this little peanut
and terrified all at the same time ;)
Isn't that "normal" for a new soon-to-be-parent?

P.S. Can you believe it's NOVEMBER already!?
Holy cow!!
That means Christmas is NEXT month!!!
Can you feel my excitememt!?
I'm planning on buying this:
Since we will now finally have room in the new apartment ;)

Don't forget to enter the giveaways!
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