09 October 2011

What is love?

I've wanted to write about how Andrew and I share our crazy stupid love for each other
but couldn't really think how to put it in words.

So bare with me while I try ;)
Love is:
- cooking together in our tiny kitchen
- watching movies together while snuggling on the couch
- me leaving post-it notes all over the apartment
for him to find when he gets home from school
- when I'm feeling gross and Andrew just holds me
or makes me toast ;)
- our mutual obsession with Dr Pepper
- when we banter with each other
- reading scriptures and praying together every night
- reading our books in bed before falling asleep
- knowing what the other is thinking without any words
- enjoying each other's nerdiness
- hearing "sweetheart" every day
- planning our future and knowing that we'll get through anything
and everything together ;)


  1. So cute! I love that love is so similar in some ways and so utterly unique in other ways for each couple! :)

  2. haha "when I feel gross, he just holds me or makes me toast" you are funny.

    I love that you share a mutual obsession with Dr Pepper, I've tried to hook Matt, but he just won't have it. So it's hard for me to justify buying it every week. I might just have to have a Dr. Pepper party with you two or something, because I LOVE it.

  3. Hi Ali! I just wanted to come on by and say thank you for that sweet comment, and how much I adore this post!! SO CUTE and SO TRUE!! Ahh, you guys are cute :) Talk to you soon!

  4. haha I love all these :) we're the same with like 90% of them. Hooray for marriage!

  5. So sweet! :) This is like the same idea I did for my What is Love post! Doesn't it feel great to list all those things out? :)


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