27 October 2011

Week of Giveaways!

Who's having a ball??
I am!!
And I have more still to come!! ;)
I know, you love me right?? 

Meet Emma! 
She's the next wonderful lady for giveaways!

Happy Birthday Ali!! :] 
I'm so excited to be participating in Ali's Birthday Giveaway Week!

My name is Emma and I blog over at Race & Emma
I blog about adventures with my husband and just random things about everyday life. 
I started blogging to share the newlywed life with Race 
and my family and then it turned into a wonderful place where I could meet new people,
make friends, and relate with people all over the world who are just like me. 
Ali is one of those people that I met through blogland {pretty} recently. 
I love Ali's blog and her love of Disney! 
And I must say that I'm just a little bit jealous that she got proposed to at Disneyland! :] 
Happy Birthday Ali and thanks for hosting such a fun week of giveaways! 
{I'm hoping to win some of the ones that aren't mine...teehee!}

Now to my giveaway!! :]

I have recently been crafting/sewing it up over at Race & Emma. 
All thanks to the wonderful Follow Me on Pinterest!
So today I am giving away adorable earwarmers that I made following a Pinterest pattern!

This one to be exact:

Source: None via Emma on Pinterest

Now here are my versions of these wonderful earwarmers! 

These are made out of thermal shirt fabric and normal shirt fabric. 
{The top one is lined with thermal shirt fabric for extra warmth}. 
The flowers are made out of the same fabric and then there is a cute button to 
secure it around your head. 
Cute, eh?! 
I was pretty excited about these and I wear them just about every day. 
They are cute, comfy, and warm! 
Perfect for fall/wintertime! 
Oh, and in case you didn't notice you can wear them with your hair up or down. 
They're cute either way! 
{Although one way does make you look a little bit more like a gangster/hippy}.

Now, I thought that it would be super fun if you got to choose the color of yours. 
So, I have lots of shirts and fabrics that you can choose from! 
You can either choose a fabric and a shirt 
{to line the earwarmers} 
or you can just choose a shirt color that you like and I'll make it out of that!
Or any other variation you can think of that would be fun! 
Here are some of the colors of shirts 
{FYI: the shirts have never been worn. I buy shirts on clearance for projects just like this! :]} 
and fabrics that I have:

Start dreaming of what you want your comfy, cute earwarmers to look like!

Thanks for letting me be a part of your Birthday Giveaway Week Ali! 
It has been so much fun! 

Love her!

To enter:
- follow my blog
and tell me your favorite fall article of clothing
- follow Emma's blog
- tweet about the giveaway
- blog or facebook about the giveaway

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  1. These are cute!! I would love to have some earwarmers!

  2. I follow Emma's blog & my favorite Fall article of clothing is boots!

  3. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  4. I follow! My fave Fall clothing is every single hoodie in my closet! Lame, right!?! But I love them! haha.

  5. I tweeted! http://twitter.com/#!/kassarie/status/129619641147457537

  6. I follow your blog and my favorite article of fall clothing is my button up petticoat! (and boots) :)

  7. Hands down my fav fall article of clothing is big comfy sweaters. More specifically, my ASU sweater. Love!

    Oh and I am a follower.


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