24 October 2011

Week of Giveaways!

Ok y'all!!
Who's ready for some great giveaways this week???
I am!
I'm so jealous cuz I can't enter any of them,
and they are amazing!

To start it all off is a friend of mine, Noelle the photographer ;)


Hi! I'm Noelle and I'm a wife, mom, and photographer.

photo credit Elise Lara

Ali and I have been friends since we were 16! 
The first time I met her was basically a wave across the lunch room
at Westwood High School in the middle of sophomore year.
But then junior year we had about half of our classes together
and we have been close ever since.

I've carried the family camera around since I was about ten.
In high school I took my first darkroom photography class and I was hooked.
If you ever get an opportunity to work in a darkroom TAKE IT.
You will thank me later.
Senior year I took photography at MCC and then I took it at ASU.
I always loved the darkroom but I knew I would be going digital
because I wanted to have a portrait business.

I have now been officially in business since 2008 as Noelle Lara Photography
and I love that I get paid to do something I love
and I still get to be a Stay-At-Home Mom.

For Ali's upcoming birthday I am giving away a mini-photoshoot!

This can be babies,
high school senior,
or families (small fee if more than 10 people).
Session will include about an hour of shooting,
and a disc of all retouched images.

Want to earn extra entries?
Blog or Facebook post about my giveaway--including my button
--become a follower of my website.
Leave a comment below for each telling Ali what you did.
That is up to 4 entries per person.

View my Website here and my Facebook page here.

So jealous of you lucky loves!!!
Noelle is great!

Now since she is a stay-at-home mom, 
she can only travel within 20 miles of her home
before she would need travel compensation
but if you're willing to travel down 
here still enter!!!

Don't forget:
- follow Noelle's site
- Blog about the giveaway
- add Noelle's photo button to your blog sidebar
- Facebook about the giveaway

You have until November 5th to enter!!



Welcome to our adventure!