14 October 2011

The week in retrospect

So this week has been my one week off before Christmas
and it has been heavenly.

I've actually slept (this is a big deal folks).
We got our lease figured out and we'll only be moving next door
but it IS a two-bedroom unit!

I can't tell you how excited we are!
Especially since the move is only one unit over ;)

We finally got our garbage disposal fixed,
only to have the dishwasher start smelling like what the 
garbage disposal USED to smell like....
hahahahahaha oh life you slay me.
But that will be fixed today or tomorrow cuz I cannot handle the smell!
Kinda makes me nauseous,
granted I've been sick most of the week
(hence the sleeping hahahaha)
so anything makes me nauseous hahahahaha

I wanted to be all cool and do fun crazy things,
and I did go to Disneyland so that counted for my week I think ;)

I even got myself a Birthday button at Disneyland
even tho my birthday isn't til the 29th.
Yeah I'm that cool! ;)

Anything fun happen to you this week??


  1. That's a pretty exciting week!!

    Nothing cool happened to me. I've been recovering from a tonsillectomy. Not nearly as fun as Disneyland :)

  2. That layout actually looks really good. Sometimes, they are kind of wonky, but this was well thought out!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. I like that layout a lot. It's similar to what I imagine for my house someday.


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