01 October 2011

Trip down memory lane

And I'm taking you with me ;)

It's been over a year since I "graduated" from Disney U 
(and yes, that really does exist)

So I wanted to re-live some of my favorite moments
with my family while we were at the park!

The first time they came to visit ;)

He was being all dramatic while we waited for Capt. EO

In the Animation Studio

My adorable parents ;)

My brother captured this cameo moment...

 A true Bowler sibling picture.
The weirdest face you can do in a second's notice ;)

World of Color!
I love this show! 
So imaginative and awesome!

Where Andrew proposed ;)

Nick really wanted to get in on the action....
or something....

He also really likes his frozen lemonade hahaha

He was asking me really dumb questions hahahaha

Yes that is me building lightsabers with the children ;)

At my "graduation"
(do you see my long lucious locks??
Yeah I miss them!)

I received my "Duck"erate
and two "Mouseter's" degrees ;)

I loved my time at Disneyland and especially spending time with my family
and getting proposed to ;)
Yeah that was pretty great too!

And thanks for humoring me and
taking a trip down memory lane with me!!

Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. How fun! I've been longing to go to Disney again soon. And I love the sibling shot--makes me miss my brothers. :)

  2. How fun! :] I need to go to Disneyland! I have only been twice in my life and the last time was waaay too long ago!

  3. Oooo what is a mousketeer degree? Sounds awesome! :)


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