04 October 2011


Ok I've had some people say that I get a ton of traffic here,
and judging by the amount of pageviews yes I do, 
but shall I tell you why?

Yes, yes I shall.

and the search words are:
"Star wars"
"Dr Pepper"
"disney fantasia"
"disney tangled"
"disneyland space mountain"
"pascal chameleon"
"Lauren Brimley"
(no idea on that last one.....)

So has anyone noticed that they have NOTHING
to do with me??
Hahahahahaha but hey that's ok ;)

So I want everyone to know that
I'M not the popular one.....

Disney and George Lucas are hahahaha

P.S. Speaking of Disney,
I'm picking up this tomorrow after work!

(that was me doing a heel-click)
Can ya tell I'm excited?!?!
(just one more thing people will search for now hahahaha)


  1. Haha. I love the random things that people search that lead them to your page! Hilarious!

  2. That's hilarious! Lauren Brimley is from the blog BusyBeeLauren, so that's funny that it led here! I love reading the search terms that lead to my blog. Wilma and Betty is almost always near the top. Funny.


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