06 October 2011

A surprise

So next week is October Break for me.
Which means a whole week off from work!

Can I get a HALLELUJAH!?
And we knew that we couldn't really go anywhere
and that was ok.
Well a little disapointing cuz I want a vacay but ya know, 
it's all good when we need to eat hahahaha

So then my mom called me last week and said 
"I found a hotel for cheap, can we go to Disneyland for a day??"
My answer
"I'll start packing now!"

So my wonderful amazing mom and I 
are taking a brief break from reality
and going to the land of magic on Monday!!
I am soooooooooooo excited!
First, to go on the new Star Tours!!
(multiple times if we can manage it)
And Little Mermaid,
Soarin Over California,
and maybe Haunted Mansion ;)

Oh Mickey I have missed you and I can't wait to go home! ;)

P.S. I have 3 amazing ladies that are going to help in my birthday week of giveaways,
anyone else want to??
Doesn't have to be anything fancy,
just something you love and want to share with my wonderful readers! ;)
Comment here or email me!


  1. Oh my goodness I'm jealous! You're gonna have a blast!! :)

  2. Question, what is your advice on tickets? Do you suggest only getting the tickets at the park or through other companies that provide them at a cheaper rate?

  3. How fun is that!?! I've never been to Disneyland and always wanted to go! Especially during October! That would be so fun!


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