13 October 2011


Ok so remember the noquis the hubs made a little bit ago?
Well I finally got the pictures off my camera to show you all how 
we made them.

Now these pictures are only after the dough was made
and no pictures of the sauce
but it's still good things to know if you ever make your own pasta ;)

Recipe for dough:
- 3 lbs potatoes, mashed
- 4-5 TBSP oil
- add salt
- 2 eggs
-add 1 1/2-2 cups flour,  fold in more until doughlike

So after thoroughly flouring the counter

Hello there!

Roll out some in about 1" ovals

If too sticky, add more flour,
basically you'll use a freaking ton of flour!

Then roll it upwards on an upside down fork,
creating some lines across the pasta.

Line some baking sheets with tin foil,
and put your noquis on it

Like so ;)

After you finish all of your dough,
place a towel over them and leave out on the counter.
If you put them in the fridge,
put them in a tupperware with a tight lid ;)

To cook the pasta:
Boil water and plop in the ovals.
Keep in the water til they float to the top of the water ;)


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