18 October 2011

New place, new ideas

Thank you for the get better wishes ;)
I appreciate it muchly ;)

I've been daydreaming about my new apartment 
and how I'm gonna decorate it ;)
The second bedroom is gonna be a great new addition
and gives me more space to do more with ;)

I'm looking forward to hanging up more of my Disney lithographs,
and making curtains for each room,
I wanna be all homey and such ;)

Any ideas for me??



  1. So exciting! I am terrible at decorating though so I have no ideas!! I'm sure you're finding lots of amazing ideas on Pinterest though!!

  2. I am not the best at decorating but I am going to try! We just bought our first house and it will be ours next Wednesday so we are excited! Check out Pinterest and lots of blogs for ideas, that is what I'll be doing :)


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