31 October 2011


I was watching the news the other day and heard about this 
lawmaker in Connecticut that wants to 
change the date of Halloween!
He wants to change it from the 31st 
to the last Saturday of October.

His reasons behind it are legit:
It's harder to do everything on a school night
since you have to deal with getting the kids from school,
eating dinner, 
getting them ready,
and get them to bed at a decent hour
before they have too much candy.

But to change Halloween?
It's always been on the 31st......
and personally, I've already had to contend with Halloween
since my birthday is so close to it.
I don't want it to become Halloween.
I understand the concept,
easier for families if it's on a weekend.
But I mean, really...changing the date??

Your thoughts??

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  1. I know I kinda like the idea. That way if out late the only thing going on the next day is church(for most), not work(for most at least) and like mentioned not worrying about school for kids. Which of course mine have a couple years but if I could look forward to not worrying about it that would be nice. I already am worried because tomorrow Lettie has dance class in the morning, sugar makes her sleep crappy and I am hoping she wakes up in a good mood and behaves in class. If it wore saturday today I would be less stress haha. Pluss Thanksgiving is on a set day and Easter, I kinda like that. Christmas is probably the only day I would never want touched. Okay essay over : )

  2. That is goofy! I understand but I like it how it is! :)

  3. That is just strange!! I know a lot of neighborhoods will do the trick or treating on a weekend if it falls close (like today) but I know most schools, teachers, etc all basically plan accordingly with the holiday and don't give homework (or not a lot) and such. Changing the date would never work haha


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