05 October 2011


Our lease is up in a month,
so we've been lookig to see if we should stay in our complex,
or possibly move somewhere else.

Then last night, while Andrew was at work,
he met a realtor couple,
and so we thought we'd at least LOOK to see about the possibility of a house.
It's pretty much probably not gonna happen,
but it helps looking so we know what to expect
when we are able to be home buyers.

Or if by some miracle we can afford a small little piece of heaven
then the angels will be singing their praises ;)

Wish us luck as we try to figure out what to do as our lease
is coming up
and if you have any ideas, I would lve you all the more for them! ;)



  1. Caleb and I are renting a house! More space it's more personal. You can also rent to own! Just a thought (: Miss you!

  2. Cute post. Would you do me a favor and go comment on my last post on my blog for me? I really could use some help! Thanks!

  3. i found your blog through the blogosphere of bloggers...although i do love disney! :)

    love your blog! good luck with the house hunting!


    ps. i am hosting a GIVEAWAY if you're interested!



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