07 October 2011

Hoildays are a-comin!

This turn of the weather is amazing here in Arizona ;)
It's 76 degrees and windy ;)
Starting to feel like the holidays are a-comin ;)
 (I even sang "It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas"
and Andrew said, "No it's NOT! Not til Thanksgiving ends!")

This weather makes me want to do many things all at once,
dance a jig,
drink hot chocolate,
watch Christmas movies,
cook a turkey,
snuggle with a book in a blanket,
wear boots constantly,
and sweaters or cardys.

What makes you happy when weather is pleasant? ;)


  1. I really like your new blog design!! And I love everything about fall. Hot chocolate, warm fuzzy socks, hoodies, sweaters(I LOVE sweaters) and my birthday and I love christmas lights and all the holidays. did you catch that I loved fall? lol :)

  2. Fall is awesome! :) It snowed in Flagstaff where we're at yesterday and it was so so fun to bundle up! I love wearing lots of layers and getting into the holiday spirit!! :)


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