18 September 2011

Visitng Teachers

So my visiting teachers finally made it out to visit me!

It's only been 9 months after all hahahahaha
They were supposed to come at noon and I didnt get home 
from laundry at my parent's til 11:30 and then saw how messy I'd left the apartment!
So here's when I start hastily throwing all articles into the
bedroom and close the door and then jump in the shower 
so as to be more human smelling,
took the fastest shower of my life
(4 minutes - including washing and conditioning hair),
and still managed to miss them knocking on my door the first time!
So I heard their voices deciding what to do,
as I'm standing there in my towel,
yelling "give me one second!!
I'll be right there!"

They inserted a note in my door,
and started to leave!
I ran after them, hair still in a towel
but clothed and they came back
laughing at my craziness.
I apologized and then the visit began.
They stayed for over an hour!!
They kept asking me questions about everything
but I would then ramble cuz I get nervous around
people I don't know......
They're both newlyweds too 
(this is my ward: newly-weds and nearly-deads)
and when they asked me about kids,
and I said that we want one soon,
they were both surprised.
"So soon?? You haven't even really been married for long!?"
And "don't you guys have things you wanna do together before
a family happens??"

Nevertheless, it was an ok first visit.
I felt like I talked too much,
and that I didn't make a great impression.
Oh well.....
now if I could just figure out who I'm supposed to visit....

Has anyone else dealt with the awkward visiting teaching



  1. Way to go with the VisitingTeachers, Ali-girl! I'm so proud! Love you . . . .

  2. This story is so funny! I haven't been visit taught yet so no awkward experiences so far! I'm sure it's only a matter of time though! :)

  3. I agree this post is so cute! I am new to your blog and am so glad that I found it!!


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