20 September 2011

Time to party!

Ok so I was serious about having a get-together for some of us AZ bloggers!
(and Utah too if you want to travel or are in town already!)
I know that Busy Bee Lauren is doing one too,
and no it won't be on the same day,
cuz the 16th is my anniversary so no party that weekend ;)

But I was thinking maybe January? 
Like the first week?
Before we all have to get back to school??

I've been thinking about it so much that I already have 
ideas to decorate with!
(of course thanks to Pinterest)

I love this idea for placemats!

And I wanna do pictures of us the guests,
instead of babies hahahaha

I love this for lighting!
Did I mention I wanted it to be outside cuz it's cooler?

This is SOOO happening my friends!
So who's down?
January party?!


  1. I'm so down! Where would we have it?

  2. Oh how exciting! I would love to come! :)

  3. I am so down! This would be tons of fun! And I love your ideas for the decorations. :] So cute!

  4. Awh, MAN! I wish I lived in Arizona!!!


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