14 September 2011

There's a first for everything

So Andrew was off yesterday and today
and I had told him that I really wanted to try out Sprinkles cupcakes,
so he said "What the heck? Let's do it"

Um I must say that
I am now a lover of Sprinkles ;)
But we decided that we could only do this
once in awhile cuz they're kinda pricey

I must also say that I have a renewed love for red velvet.
I've always loved it
(we had that for our wedding cake after all)
but this one was overly moist and yummy ;)

We ended up getting 4:
red velvet,
peanut butter chocolate cup,
dark chocolate,
and strawberry.

I may or may not be craving more red velvet.
Time to crank out some of the leftover wedding cake ;)


  1. I wasn't too impressed with Sprinkles when I went a few years ago when they opened. Maybe I should go again...I am a lover of dark chocolate...

  2. Mmm! Those look delicious! :] I need to try these some sometime. Enjoy your leftover wedding cake!

  3. mmmm peanut butter chocolate chip is my FAVORITE!!


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