03 September 2011

Loss and Comforts

Remember when I talked about reading my journal the other night?
And how I was reminiscing about everything?

Well I also re-read about my little Annika that I lost 4 years ago.
Now no, she wasn't MY child
but I had kinda adopted her in a way so that she was my little buddy.

  Isn't she the cutest thing on the planet?
Annika had been born with a hole in her heart,
and the doctors said she wouldn't live very long.
But she lived 3 fun-filled and crazy years ;)

She was crazy, outgoing, giggly,
full of life and love for everyone
(even my brother Nick).

My heart broke completely the day I got the news
that she passed.
But I know God needed her home. ;)

And then earlier this year I lost another little buddy:

I posted about Ethan a couple times.
He was another super energetic crazy kid that I loved ;)
He always wanted to know what game we were gonna play.
Last year when his family came to visit me,
he dragged me onto Splash Mountain so many times hahahaha
and I'm not a huge fan of that ride but I went for Ethan.

He passed at the end of March
and again I know God needed him home too.

And the weird thing?
Annika and Ethan would have been the same age if Annika had lived.
I find that hard to believe that it's only a coincidence ;)

As painful as it was to lose both of them,
I firmly believe with all my heart that He called both
of them home early for a reason and to fulfill a need.
First to train their soon-to-be new baby siblings  ;)
And then to fulfill some higher calling that I don't know yet.

I don't know why this came into my mind to write,
but possibly it'll help someone else?
I still hold both of them very near and dear to my heart
and can't wait to see them again ;)

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  1. Somehow I never saw this post! Thank you, Ali. It is always so nice when people remember her. She loved you so much!

    Ethan is such a cute little boy. I hope his family is doing well.


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