25 September 2011

Little blue forget-me-nots

Last night I went with my mom and grandma to the 
LDS Relief Society Boradcast.
I hadn't ever been to one
(I usually had to work at the Disney Store)
but boy was it needed.
I didn't even realize how much I needed to hear the words
of comfort and love
until they were spoken.

The sisters were amazing and I'm going to try to do 
better about my visiting teaching
and such,
but I will say that the highlight was hearing 
President Uchtdorf speak to us women.

He spoke of the forget-me-not flowers.
(Which has a huge significance to me and the hubs anyways)
and for us to realize that even though we may not 
have the perfectly blossomed red rose,
we have those beautiful little forget-me-nots all around us.

He told us not to be too hard on ourselves for not being perfect
right now as the world seems to think we need be.
He told us to stop comparing 
our weaknesses to the strengths of others.
Now I don't know bout you,
but I definitely struggle with this.
I want so much to be better with being cute all the time,
or being crafty,
or being someone everyone wants to be friends with,
or model themselves after.
And sometimes I forget how much I already have,
in pursuit for what I think I need or want.
This seems to be a recurring theme in us of the female persuasion ;)

I'm going to make a printable about forget-me-nots
to help me remember not to focus so much on being a perfectly
blossomed red rose,
when I can be a beautifully small forget-me-not
and still be all I can be ;)



  1. I can't wait to see your cute printable! And seriously everything President Uchtdorf said was such a good reminder for me. :) I always love his talks!

  2. http://beinglds.blogspot.com/2011/09/forget-not-president-uchtdorf.html

  3. I think the tears started for me about 3 words into his talk haha. I was in the same boat as you, I needed it without knowing I did, and it was beautiful.


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