27 September 2011

Life loves

I'm gonna warn you now that this post will be very random
and I apologize in advance hahahahaha
Some of my favorite things that have happened lately:
- taking 2 hours to help my brother ask a girl to the Homecoming dance.
He just turned 16 (remember??) 
and so he's all excited to be on the market
- having a blast at said brother's birthday party
where I was still considered cool ;)
- having one of my oldest friends over for a visit
- talking over our plans for the future with the hubs
(moving, jobs, etc)
- seeing my mom everyday for 5 days in a row!
That hasn't happened since I lived at home hahaha
- sharing my Star Wars movies with my dad
- watching all 5 hours of bonus materials on said Star Wars 
bonus disc 1 out of 3
- my little crazy chicklets at work
- having my mother shove 3 bags full of food into my arms 
as we're leaving from dinner
- (today) helping my mom teach the Achievement Day girls
to make flower hair clips ;)
- waiting in a 20 minute line at Michael's giggling 
at the ladies getting angry in the line
- friends and family showing me just how important
they are and where all my craziness comes from ;)

What makes you happy today?? ;)



  1. Great post! :) I remember Achievement Days! They were always so fun! And what an awesome big sister you are!

  2. Love this :]

    Some things that make me happy today are getting the dishes done, finishing my tests for the week, finding my bagels that I thought fell in the garbage, hugs and kisses from my husband, and hearing that my sister-in-law/best friend should be having her baby within the next 12ish hours!!

  3. Love this! Since I sat in class for 7 hours straight today and was assigned four new insane research projects, I'm going to draw from your happiness! ;)


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