26 September 2011

Kids say the darndest things

I had to share something adorable that happened today at work.

Every morning we aide trade:
me and an aide from another room do group activities in one class,
then swap to the other room.
(Make sense??)

Mondays I do handwriting lessons with the kids.
Helping them write their letters just a little better (hopefully)
In the first classroom,
I was teaching how to do a "T"
and I always say
"BEAUTIFUL" if it's super nice.
So as I was checking their whiteboards,
and one of the kids said to the other one
"That's a BEAUTIFUL 'G' you wrote Sarah".
Now I said we were writing "T"s....
but sure enough she had written a beautiful "G" on her board.

Then in MY classroom,
I was again teaching "T",
and I was waiting to see who knew what the letter was.
I asked one of them to tell me the letter
*blank stare*
so I said, 
"Let's ask one of your friends for help yeah?"
So my little Juan, without waiting, says,
"Leo, this is a T. It makes the "tuh" sound silly."
And so Juan taught my lesson for me hahahaha
His little voice was so cute telling the kids how to write the letter.
"Down, and give it a roof!"
"Down and cross"
(he JUST barely turned 5)

And yes, they all say "BEAUTIFUL" when they do something nice 

Oh kids they slay me ;)


  1. Awww so cute! I am student teaching right now and I swear I could write a book with all the hilarious things my first graders say! ;)

  2. So so cute! This makes me want to be a teacher! Or just maybe have my own kids to brag about all the funny things they say! Haha.

  3. this story is just so precious! thanks for sharing!!
    xo TJ


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