08 September 2011

I love this!

Ok so those of you following on Twitter know that 
I've been buying things to help re-organize our little apartment ;)

So I wanted to help you see how much better it really is now 

Bedroom Closet:

Linen Closet:

and the kitchen:

And I also bought side tables for the both of us for the bedroom:

And before you think I'm a terrible person
making Andrew use a comforter with flowery junk on it,
see it up close and see what's so special about it ;)

 Have you figured it out yet??

How about this clue???

That's right friends,
this comforter is from the Disneyland Hotel ;)
I got this from Company D
when they re-did the hotel!
For $8! ;)

Just a little home lovin ;)

Anything new and exciting at your house??


  1. Oy organization is such an ongoing battle for me! Great job at tackling that beast!

  2. Dang this makes me want to get organized! I wouldn't even want to show before pictures! Haha. Also, your bedspread is awesome!

  3. You're too fun Ali!!! That comforter fits you so well!

  4. Haha that is a reallly good job organizing! I suck at it lol. I usually try and get distracted or bored with it within an hour or so. Not a good combination haha. Thanks for your comment! I'm getting kinda nervous for my mission...but I know it will be amazing :)

  5. I need some of your mad organization skills in my apartment :) Cool story behind the comforter!


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