10 September 2011

I added more!

I finished up some new designs last night and put them up on 

You should all go take a look and follow ;)

Just sayin! ;)

I'm working on getting headers up so you can use them yourself!
And I'm working on finding a scrollbox that actually works with my codes.
.........stupid HTML......


I hope you guys like them!!

And I'm gonna work on possibly getting a Craft Night 
together for us in AZ,
as well as a get-together in January 
to meet some of you amazing ladies in person! 
Who's in??


  1. I'm in! I would love a crafty night and I'm in AZ although I'm in Northern Arizona so depending on when it happens I would still have to plan to travel. I'm so excited though!

  2. You are a busy girl! I'm totally in. Love a set aside crafting time. =)


Welcome to our adventure!