12 September 2011


Ok I had never known the beauty that is

(Also, how does one pronounce "bokeh"? 
"Bow- kay", "buh-k", etc??)

 I mean hello?!
How did I miss out on this?!

So of course, I wanted to know how to make
it my own ;)

Agin, I swear by Pinterest,
I found this tutorial
and thanks to it,

turned into this:

 Now yes.
I need to perfect my technique hahahaha
but I thought
heck yes!! 
More to add to my 

Loves to all!!



  1. Haha love your new blog design! Also, question. How on your navigation bar, do you add the backgrounds to them?

  2. That's awesome! I have no idea how you actually say that word either though. I love all the cool things you are learning to do with your photos!

  3. I have just recently found pinterest, and my goodness! I'm obsessed! :)
    Lovely blog!

  4. I love bokeh too! I want to catch it with the Chritmas tree this year. I should say it for you sometime, but I will try to put it in spelling: it's pronounced BO-ke (the o says it's name and then it's just the k sound).

    Also, you can do bokeh in camera, but you need a lens that can have small depth of field so only what you want is in focus and the rest of the picture is those blurred circles. You likely would have to have a DSLR.


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