09 September 2011

Crafts I'm wanting to do

I love Pinterest but I tell you, 
I spend so much time on there it's scary hahahahaha

I find SOO many great ideas and things I want to do,
but my resources (and skills)
are super limited hahahaha

I've already mentioned that I don't have a sewing machine 
but I tell you what, when I get one
I have TONS of stuff I'm gonna make ;)

I wanted to share some of the things I love the best from my board

Just a couple things I wanna do ;)
Who wants to have a craft night and come make things with me!? ;)



  1. Crafts rule! If I had my way, I would do crafts 24/7! I like the ideas you posted. Looks like I found my weekend project. ;)

  2. I'll do a craft night with you!! And I'll totally bring my sewing machine. :) I'm limited on resources too. We just need to keep an eye out for good sales!

  3. I'm in! I could seriously spend all day on there. I think for the past week I've attempted to make something every night. I also find myself in more flea markets and peddlers malls looking for things i can make beautiful! xoxox - tiffany @ tldetwiler.blogspot.com


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