17 September 2011

Broadway Bound

I've often said that I would LOVE to be on Broadway if I had the voice
(and courage to stand in front of hundreds of people)
But since I'm not, I live vicariously through other people ;)

Last night AYT had their first Marlie Awards
(it's a combination of MARcus and JuLIE and it was better than Jucus hahahaha)
which were awards given by our own judges
since in the Zoni's and National Youth Theatre you can only recognize a few.
It was an amazing night let me tell you!

I didn't take any pictures myself
(I was the keeper of the results and awards
so I didn't get out much hahaha)
but I'll add a few here from the audience that took them ;)

The AYT season was:
Little Women
Jekyll and Hyde
Peter Pan and Wendy (Jr)
Robin Hood (Jr)
Les Miserables School Edition

And they were all fantastic ;)
We had the awards at the Womens Club in Mesa
complete with red carpet and cameras
for interviews and glam shots ;)
You know actors, they love all the attention ;)
It was a night full of surprises and tears of joy,
muscial numbers that still brought the house down,
and lots of memories brought back.

My own brother won a Marlie Award!
I think it was for Outstanding Moment 
for his role as a drunken student in Les Mis,
and yes he was a very good drunk and kept the house laughing every night ;)

He wanted to thank the Academy and his amazing sister 
who was on the side of the stage ;)
Ok not me, but he really did thank the Academy.
What a ham!

I loved watching these kids perform again.
I say it every time I watch a show,
but they are SO talented.
They are the ones that make the show,
truly they do.
I know that most of them are Broadway Bound if that's where they wish to go.
I loved being a part of this,
and can't wait to do more! ;)

I wanted to do a HUGE shout out to my mom.
She is amazing and she's the reason AYT runs so well.
MArcus came out to give her flowers last night and she was all embarrassed,
but she truly deserves it.
The entire night happened because of her,
and every single one of the kids that won thanked her in their speech.
Can it get any better than that?
Love you mom! You did great! ;)

"I may be small
But I've got giant plans
To shine as greatly as the sun
I will blaze until I find my time and place
I will be fearless,
Surrendering modesty and grace
I will not disapear without a trace
I'll shout and start a riot
Be anything but quiet
Christopher Columbus,
I'll be Astonishing
At Last"
(Little Women, Astonishing)


  1. This looks like so much fun! :) I have never seen AYT perform but I would love to someday! I would have loved to see Little Women. It's one of my favorite books.

  2. I love the part from Little Women you posted at the end!


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