15 September 2011

Breakfast Woes

Ok maybe this is just plain silly
but ladies, I'll admit it.

I don't eat breakfast very often.
And we all know that that leads to me eating more after work,
and the night following hahahaha
So I end up eating a full day's worth of food 
(sometimes more)
but I skip the most important meal of the day!

Why you ask?
Honestly, I don't know what to eat for breakfast!
I used to eat eggo waffles every morning
but that's not very appealing anymore.
I've tried different things,
but still haven't found that perfect breakfast food
that gets me hungry and excited to eat it.

Lovelies help me out!!
What do you eat for breakfast that helps you get thru the day 
without breaking your calorie bank??


  1. I like Whole Wheat toast with a dash of Cinnamon Sugar! :) There really aren't that many calories in it, but it's tasty!

  2. I've had this exact same dilemma! I love scrambling an egg or two and rolling it up in a toasted corn tortilla. While i'm scrambling the eggs I toast the tortilla over an open burner. They're kind of like egg tacos or breakfast tacos. It's delicious with a little tomato but you can put in anything you feel like . I love them!

    Lately i've been happy with a cinnamon/raison bread and a peach.

    OH! And I almost forgot! My newest favorite: bran muffins! I know they don't sound the most appealing but my mom has a delicious recipe for them and they turn out SO good. I'll be posting it soon actually!

    Hope this helps.

  3. I am AWFUL at eating breakfast but it was my goal for the week to eat breakfast every day. I had yogurt, banana with nutella and cracklin' oat bran cereal, bagels with cream cheese, and oatmeal. So those are some of the yummy things I like for breakfast...when I actually eat it!

  4. I am in that eggo waffle stage too seeing as how my life is crazy with school and work ha ha :)


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