29 September 2011

Blog Outside the Box

On Mrs. T, Naturally she has a linky party called
and this week was to have someone close to you write a post about you ;)
Oh dear, I may or may not be blushing to ask the hubs to write about me,
but he was a sweetheart and did ;)

 Isn't he so handsome?!
Take it away hubs:


SO! guest post day on the blogosphere, 
and the lot falls on me to write on my wife's. 
While she is the most amazing, loving, caring woman ever; 
That won't be the topic for today.

Ali, well she self admits it, but she's a Disney freak (and I love it).
The funnest thing in the world is to put on a Disney movie 
and see if she can guess which one it is by the previews, 
or put on a Disney song just to have her name it in 2 notes or less 
(wasn't that a tv show or something?). 
Giddiness is usually a reaction you get from a kid when you mention Disneyland, 
but i do get it from her at the slightest mention of a possible trip. 
Everyone needs to have something they love. 
Her's is Disney, mine is watching her face when I mention Disney.

Love you Ali! :)


  1. Aw! That was sweet! Kinda sounds like he knows you too.... haha!

  2. Haha that is so sweet!! & hilarious, too!!! haha... you're so adorable!!

  3. So so cute! I want my husband to post on our blog!! :]


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