04 September 2011


I've been trying to decide what or where to go for an anniversary
since ours is coming up in December.

The week before Christmas no less! ;)
At first I thought well duh DISNEYLAND!

But it's kinda expensive,
so we've been looking at 
San Diego, Utah, San Francisco....

Still have no idea what to do.
Anyone have ideas??

Somewhere cheapish, but fun and nice for an anniversary ;)

Can't believe it's almost been a year!



  1. AH! I totally vote Disneyland, but I know what you mean about how expensive it is :) I think SanFran would be a great place to go to instead! One of my friends (who works as a character at Disney World - so she shared our love for Disney!) just went there and seriously COULD NOT stop talking about how much fun it was! Can't wait to see where you two go!

    Also: Check out my blog for a good surprise :)

  2. We just went out to dinner and enjoyed each other's company.

    Can't wait to hear what you decide, though. :)

  3. We got married two days later. When we got married...they said 20 marriages happened that day. Crazy!

    I love your dress :)

  4. Hi! I was blog hopping and saw you needed some advice on where to go. My husband and I just got married in April and went to San Fran for our honeymoon and LOVED IT! Seriously there is SO much to do there and to see. I will warn you that it is dang expensive. We couldn't eat anywhere cheaper than $60-$70 a meal (breakfast was probably more reasonable...around $20) and most of the touristy things to do cost a pretty penny. If you are looking to do a vacation on a budget I think you can do San Diego pretty cheap.
    Good luck!


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