30 September 2011

Pretty pretty please!

With sugar on top?? ;)
Alright my friends, 
my birthday is coming up in about a month yay!!
(October 29th)
And I want to do some giveaways during that week ;)

So who wants to be part of that??
I love you all and I love all the amazing things you can do or make ;)
So help a birthday sister out??
I need your craftiness!

*I'm planning on giving away a package of my favorite things*
Just sayin ;)

Email me if you're interested and willing!!


29 September 2011

Blog Outside the Box

On Mrs. T, Naturally she has a linky party called
and this week was to have someone close to you write a post about you ;)
Oh dear, I may or may not be blushing to ask the hubs to write about me,
but he was a sweetheart and did ;)

 Isn't he so handsome?!
Take it away hubs:


SO! guest post day on the blogosphere, 
and the lot falls on me to write on my wife's. 
While she is the most amazing, loving, caring woman ever; 
That won't be the topic for today.

Ali, well she self admits it, but she's a Disney freak (and I love it).
The funnest thing in the world is to put on a Disney movie 
and see if she can guess which one it is by the previews, 
or put on a Disney song just to have her name it in 2 notes or less 
(wasn't that a tv show or something?). 
Giddiness is usually a reaction you get from a kid when you mention Disneyland, 
but i do get it from her at the slightest mention of a possible trip. 
Everyone needs to have something they love. 
Her's is Disney, mine is watching her face when I mention Disney.

Love you Ali! :)

28 September 2011

Wishful Thinking

Ok so remember this post?

Yeah trips are out of the picture.
Hence the wishful thinking title
Stupid Best Buy.....
blacked out from November to January.....
I'm so sad

So here's where you come in.
I need fun, romantic, affordable places in AZ for 
an anniversary celebration!!
Or even some place to do a day trip or something!


27 September 2011

Life loves

I'm gonna warn you now that this post will be very random
and I apologize in advance hahahahaha
Some of my favorite things that have happened lately:
- taking 2 hours to help my brother ask a girl to the Homecoming dance.
He just turned 16 (remember??) 
and so he's all excited to be on the market
- having a blast at said brother's birthday party
where I was still considered cool ;)
- having one of my oldest friends over for a visit
- talking over our plans for the future with the hubs
(moving, jobs, etc)
- seeing my mom everyday for 5 days in a row!
That hasn't happened since I lived at home hahaha
- sharing my Star Wars movies with my dad
- watching all 5 hours of bonus materials on said Star Wars 
bonus disc 1 out of 3
- my little crazy chicklets at work
- having my mother shove 3 bags full of food into my arms 
as we're leaving from dinner
- (today) helping my mom teach the Achievement Day girls
to make flower hair clips ;)
- waiting in a 20 minute line at Michael's giggling 
at the ladies getting angry in the line
- friends and family showing me just how important
they are and where all my craziness comes from ;)

What makes you happy today?? ;)


26 September 2011

Kids say the darndest things

I had to share something adorable that happened today at work.

Every morning we aide trade:
me and an aide from another room do group activities in one class,
then swap to the other room.
(Make sense??)

Mondays I do handwriting lessons with the kids.
Helping them write their letters just a little better (hopefully)
In the first classroom,
I was teaching how to do a "T"
and I always say
"BEAUTIFUL" if it's super nice.
So as I was checking their whiteboards,
and one of the kids said to the other one
"That's a BEAUTIFUL 'G' you wrote Sarah".
Now I said we were writing "T"s....
but sure enough she had written a beautiful "G" on her board.

Then in MY classroom,
I was again teaching "T",
and I was waiting to see who knew what the letter was.
I asked one of them to tell me the letter
*blank stare*
so I said, 
"Let's ask one of your friends for help yeah?"
So my little Juan, without waiting, says,
"Leo, this is a T. It makes the "tuh" sound silly."
And so Juan taught my lesson for me hahahaha
His little voice was so cute telling the kids how to write the letter.
"Down, and give it a roof!"
"Down and cross"
(he JUST barely turned 5)

And yes, they all say "BEAUTIFUL" when they do something nice 

Oh kids they slay me ;)

25 September 2011

Little blue forget-me-nots

Last night I went with my mom and grandma to the 
LDS Relief Society Boradcast.
I hadn't ever been to one
(I usually had to work at the Disney Store)
but boy was it needed.
I didn't even realize how much I needed to hear the words
of comfort and love
until they were spoken.

The sisters were amazing and I'm going to try to do 
better about my visiting teaching
and such,
but I will say that the highlight was hearing 
President Uchtdorf speak to us women.

He spoke of the forget-me-not flowers.
(Which has a huge significance to me and the hubs anyways)
and for us to realize that even though we may not 
have the perfectly blossomed red rose,
we have those beautiful little forget-me-nots all around us.

He told us not to be too hard on ourselves for not being perfect
right now as the world seems to think we need be.
He told us to stop comparing 
our weaknesses to the strengths of others.
Now I don't know bout you,
but I definitely struggle with this.
I want so much to be better with being cute all the time,
or being crafty,
or being someone everyone wants to be friends with,
or model themselves after.
And sometimes I forget how much I already have,
in pursuit for what I think I need or want.
This seems to be a recurring theme in us of the female persuasion ;)

I'm going to make a printable about forget-me-nots
to help me remember not to focus so much on being a perfectly
blossomed red rose,
when I can be a beautifully small forget-me-not
and still be all I can be ;)


24 September 2011

Saturday Happenin's!!

So for my birthday present
(way early)
the hubs bought me these:

Um heck yes!!!
Most of you know my love of Star Wars.
Yes, I am a nerd.
I will hang my head now ;)
But I mean, really......
Star Wars is awesome!!!
I love the older movies WAY more than the crappy new ones,
but if you're gonna have the whole stinkin story you gotta have
them all right??

So today I will be watching these,
or at least most of the bonus material ;)

While doing this project:

Re-doing my recipe binder!
Believe me when I say that this NEEDS to be done!
I's gots recipes flyin all over da place
and they needs to be put in der place! ;)

What are you up to this Saturday!?

22 September 2011

Fun for you!

I wanted to let you guys know about this new site I just discovered
for digital scrapbooking kits ;)

A lot of the new designs that will appear on
the design site will be using the elements from her kits.
She's amazing!

I also get them from 
in the free section!

Love you all!

And who's ready for the weekend?!
Boy I am!

Birthday Boy!

 My baby bro turns 16 today!!!

Isn't he a handsome groomsman?

 He was texting a hot girl
and not paying attention to his newly-engaged sister

 Here start the theatre pictures.
First, in Hello Dolly ^

Les Mis as the drunken student that got 
the crowd laughing their pants off.

Yeah that's right.
Complete with muscle suit and "chest covered in hair"
or a squirrel as he called it.

This face basically sums up Trevor in a nutshell.

Accepting his Marlie Award 
for the above drunken student role he played hahahaha

Oh man how time flies!
It seems like it was just the other day that he was going into jr high 
and THEN I thought I was old,
now there's no hope for me hahahahaha

Sweet 16!
Or since he's a boy....
"Sensational 16"?
"Spectacular 16"?
"Silly 16"??

Happy Birthday bro!

20 September 2011

Time to party!

Ok so I was serious about having a get-together for some of us AZ bloggers!
(and Utah too if you want to travel or are in town already!)
I know that Busy Bee Lauren is doing one too,
and no it won't be on the same day,
cuz the 16th is my anniversary so no party that weekend ;)

But I was thinking maybe January? 
Like the first week?
Before we all have to get back to school??

I've been thinking about it so much that I already have 
ideas to decorate with!
(of course thanks to Pinterest)

I love this idea for placemats!

And I wanna do pictures of us the guests,
instead of babies hahahaha

I love this for lighting!
Did I mention I wanted it to be outside cuz it's cooler?

This is SOOO happening my friends!
So who's down?
January party?!

19 September 2011

Argentina anyone?

My Andrew has been on a mission food binge.
Finding recipes,
making me shop at fish markets hahahahaha
So for dinner last night the hubs made noquis
from scratch thanks to a recipe from a lady in Argentina
he met on his mish ;)

They were SOOO delicious!
And they were so delicious that I forgot to take a picture!
Yeah I know smooth move right?
Well I have a picture of the dough before we roll it into the pasta:

And then I'll do my best to post more pictures of when we make it next!

Next on the list to make:

18 September 2011

Visitng Teachers

So my visiting teachers finally made it out to visit me!

It's only been 9 months after all hahahahaha
They were supposed to come at noon and I didnt get home 
from laundry at my parent's til 11:30 and then saw how messy I'd left the apartment!
So here's when I start hastily throwing all articles into the
bedroom and close the door and then jump in the shower 
so as to be more human smelling,
took the fastest shower of my life
(4 minutes - including washing and conditioning hair),
and still managed to miss them knocking on my door the first time!
So I heard their voices deciding what to do,
as I'm standing there in my towel,
yelling "give me one second!!
I'll be right there!"

They inserted a note in my door,
and started to leave!
I ran after them, hair still in a towel
but clothed and they came back
laughing at my craziness.
I apologized and then the visit began.
They stayed for over an hour!!
They kept asking me questions about everything
but I would then ramble cuz I get nervous around
people I don't know......
They're both newlyweds too 
(this is my ward: newly-weds and nearly-deads)
and when they asked me about kids,
and I said that we want one soon,
they were both surprised.
"So soon?? You haven't even really been married for long!?"
And "don't you guys have things you wanna do together before
a family happens??"

Nevertheless, it was an ok first visit.
I felt like I talked too much,
and that I didn't make a great impression.
Oh well.....
now if I could just figure out who I'm supposed to visit....

Has anyone else dealt with the awkward visiting teaching


17 September 2011

Broadway Bound

I've often said that I would LOVE to be on Broadway if I had the voice
(and courage to stand in front of hundreds of people)
But since I'm not, I live vicariously through other people ;)

Last night AYT had their first Marlie Awards
(it's a combination of MARcus and JuLIE and it was better than Jucus hahahaha)
which were awards given by our own judges
since in the Zoni's and National Youth Theatre you can only recognize a few.
It was an amazing night let me tell you!

I didn't take any pictures myself
(I was the keeper of the results and awards
so I didn't get out much hahaha)
but I'll add a few here from the audience that took them ;)

The AYT season was:
Little Women
Jekyll and Hyde
Peter Pan and Wendy (Jr)
Robin Hood (Jr)
Les Miserables School Edition

And they were all fantastic ;)
We had the awards at the Womens Club in Mesa
complete with red carpet and cameras
for interviews and glam shots ;)
You know actors, they love all the attention ;)
It was a night full of surprises and tears of joy,
muscial numbers that still brought the house down,
and lots of memories brought back.

My own brother won a Marlie Award!
I think it was for Outstanding Moment 
for his role as a drunken student in Les Mis,
and yes he was a very good drunk and kept the house laughing every night ;)

He wanted to thank the Academy and his amazing sister 
who was on the side of the stage ;)
Ok not me, but he really did thank the Academy.
What a ham!

I loved watching these kids perform again.
I say it every time I watch a show,
but they are SO talented.
They are the ones that make the show,
truly they do.
I know that most of them are Broadway Bound if that's where they wish to go.
I loved being a part of this,
and can't wait to do more! ;)

I wanted to do a HUGE shout out to my mom.
She is amazing and she's the reason AYT runs so well.
MArcus came out to give her flowers last night and she was all embarrassed,
but she truly deserves it.
The entire night happened because of her,
and every single one of the kids that won thanked her in their speech.
Can it get any better than that?
Love you mom! You did great! ;)

"I may be small
But I've got giant plans
To shine as greatly as the sun
I will blaze until I find my time and place
I will be fearless,
Surrendering modesty and grace
I will not disapear without a trace
I'll shout and start a riot
Be anything but quiet
Christopher Columbus,
I'll be Astonishing
At Last"
(Little Women, Astonishing)

15 September 2011


This was a writing Shine challenge but honestly,
I should've written this ages ago.

Remember when I went to work at Disneyland last year?
And how it was one of the best experiences of my life??

Did I really write about the hard choice it was for me to make?

So I'll write it here:

I've never been one to embrace change.
Ask my mother and husband.
I loathe it sometimes.
(And yet I love being spontaneous too...
but I digress)
And moving to another state,
away from everything I knew and was used to...
Yeah that was definitely not my idea of a good time.
But my mother and my friend Morgan
convinced me that it would be worth it in the long run,
and that I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn't.

Now you might be asking:
Why on earth was she so freaked out!?
Well, let's just say that I'm a total homebody,
and kinda anti-social.
Shocking I know but true.
I was terrified of having to make all new friends again,
and learn how a whole different lifestyle worked,
and my first time on a city bus!

After tearful prayers and a lot of fasting,
I knew I should go
regardless of my fear.
I had to trust in the Lord to help me through the hard times that would come
and through the fun times too ;)

Needless to say, 
thanks to my trust in Him,
I grew more than I ever could've at home.
I met so many amazing people,
and got engaged at the Happiest Place on Earth.
How could it get any better??

Now I'm trying to put my trust in Him again
as we're hoping to add to our little family ;)
I'm super impatient but when He says it's time, 
it will happen and I have to keep remembering that.


Breakfast Woes

Ok maybe this is just plain silly
but ladies, I'll admit it.

I don't eat breakfast very often.
And we all know that that leads to me eating more after work,
and the night following hahahaha
So I end up eating a full day's worth of food 
(sometimes more)
but I skip the most important meal of the day!

Why you ask?
Honestly, I don't know what to eat for breakfast!
I used to eat eggo waffles every morning
but that's not very appealing anymore.
I've tried different things,
but still haven't found that perfect breakfast food
that gets me hungry and excited to eat it.

Lovelies help me out!!
What do you eat for breakfast that helps you get thru the day 
without breaking your calorie bank??

14 September 2011

There's a first for everything

So Andrew was off yesterday and today
and I had told him that I really wanted to try out Sprinkles cupcakes,
so he said "What the heck? Let's do it"

Um I must say that
I am now a lover of Sprinkles ;)
But we decided that we could only do this
once in awhile cuz they're kinda pricey

I must also say that I have a renewed love for red velvet.
I've always loved it
(we had that for our wedding cake after all)
but this one was overly moist and yummy ;)

We ended up getting 4:
red velvet,
peanut butter chocolate cup,
dark chocolate,
and strawberry.

I may or may not be craving more red velvet.
Time to crank out some of the leftover wedding cake ;)

12 September 2011


Ok I had never known the beauty that is

(Also, how does one pronounce "bokeh"? 
"Bow- kay", "buh-k", etc??)

 I mean hello?!
How did I miss out on this?!

So of course, I wanted to know how to make
it my own ;)

Agin, I swear by Pinterest,
I found this tutorial
and thanks to it,

turned into this:

 Now yes.
I need to perfect my technique hahahaha
but I thought
heck yes!! 
More to add to my 

Loves to all!!