04 August 2011

Sorry I've been A-wall

Is that how you say it??
I'm not up-to-date on my slang spellings hahahahaha

Anyways, I hope you all loved Whitney!
I do ;)

I've been missing for a couple days cuz I'm watching my brother for a few days
so I've been slightly busy ;)
I will say though that this summer has been very productive and happy 
for both me and the husband ;)
We've had so much fun together growing closer,
and loving each other even more!
I love you all lots
and will be back soon! ;)


  1. AWOL* Absent WithOut Leave

  2. I just found your blog, and it is so cute! I love your proposal story at disneyland, how romantic! you two are such a cute couple:)
    I waited for my husband on his mission too, high school sweethearts:)



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