18 August 2011


So I have been staring at this screen for about 15 minutes
trying to figure out what to write about.
Yeah still not so sure this will have a specific point,
but heck ;)
I'll try to say something entertaining hahahahaha

We got our grant money on Tuesday!!
It was definitely had angels singing their hymns of praise
when we saw our bank account and knew we could pay for school ;)
That night, we went and bought our new laptops.
I wasn't supposed to get mine til January
but it ended up packaging out better if we did so yay!!
Got me one of these beauties:

Oh yeah...isnt she gorgeous!?
I called my old laptop "Lola"
(yes I name my electronics, don't judge hahaha)
so this is "Lola 2.0" ;)
Andrew dubbed her thus hahahaha
(and my Droid is called "Lolita")
Yes I realize how dumb I sound,
but really my names are just awesome ;)

With the new computers we got some new
(and finally updated) software!
Including my PhotoShop Elements!!
Which means that soon here we will be having a giveaway for blog design!
I just have to figure everything out first ;)

Anyone else totally ready for the weekend???
I'm dying for some R&R ;)


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  1. Hello! Thanks for following the blog and entering the giveaway! I love meeting and making new bloggy friends so I am excited to read all about you!

    Look forward to seeing you around!


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