31 August 2011

My Geek Days and Dorkdom

So the past few weeks (and months)
Andrew and I have been watching things like
Star Trek and Star Wars.
And letting our inner geek out ;)

Things like:

Wrath of Khan

Search for Spock:

And all 7 seasons of Voyager:

See the good-looking blonde-haired woman there?
That would be Seven-of-Nine,
liberated from the Borg
and completely attractive accroding to my father and husband ;)
(my dad even has a Christmas ornament of her,
no joke)

And all 6 Star Wars movies too
(although I only like 4-6,
but Andrew likes them all so I humor him)

Oh yeah did I mention that they are all
coming out on Blu-Ray?!
Definitely gonna have to buy those too ;)

And let me say,
I have now completely satisfied my geek/nerd/dork need
for quite a time ;)

Does anyone else share my nerdiness??
Or what are your ideas of geek days and dorkdom??


1 comment:

  1. haha! We are TOTAL nerds. Mostly my husband, but he's teaching me the nerdy ways. Last night we watched Star Trek... and I loved it. Nerds are awesome!


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