14 August 2011

My dream home

I was having some major blog block,
but after looking at my Pinterest home board,
I thought heck!
I'll show you some of the ideas I want to use when we are finally able to buy a house ;)

 I absolutely LOVE this mobile for the nursery
we'll eventually have ;)
The staircase?? 
Can you imagine how amazing this would be inside a library?? ;)

I hope y'all enjoy these little images ;)
If you want to see more of what I like
go here
and if you want an invitation to Pinterest just email me!!


  1. Wow! That spiral staircase is gorgeous!

  2. uhm seriously I would have never guessed half that stuff was your taste, but I LOVE IT!!!!! the staircase, the off white french doors with a very Victorian look ugh LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ALL!

  3. What lovely ideas!
    Pinterest is quite amazing!

  4. I love Pinterest! I'm so glad you sent me an invite. It is entirely too much fun and I spend a lot of time there.

    I hope you get to have such a dream house someday.


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