11 August 2011

The hubs is watching the game....

So I guess I'll post something fun about the first couple days of school ;)

So last I wrote, I had no idea what was going on and all.
I now know a little bit of the deal,
still waiting to hear the official on anything of course.
I like my new boss,
she's very nice and I feel like I can ask her questions and not be judged
or feel foolish.
So the first day I walk in to see my little ELD kids
(I was so happy I got ELD again!!)
and there are parents and little siblings to spare in the room!!

SOO many people!
And after about 40 minutes of coddling,
we said "Madres, padres VAMINOS!"
and they laughed and finally left.
Our room was super humid,
both me and the teacher were dripping by 9 AM.
Then at my aide meeting, I found out that my
teacher from last year was still here!!
Just now she's a K/1 combo class ELD teacher!
And she has no aide yet.
So what do I do cuz I'm so nice?
Volunteer to go back and forth between both classes ;)
I'm secretly hoping that I can transfer to her room
and the new aide can replace me
but we'll see ;)

Now as these kids are ELD,
they know basically no English.
Barely any Spanish too for some of them,
but they have good hearts,
it just tries the patience a bit when you know they can do so much more
and they just don't understand you!

I also have been "attacked" by my 1st and 2nd graders from previous years ;)
My 1st graders all say they mis me and Miss A
and that just warms my heart and melts it like butter.
I'm just too soft hahahaha

I guess the moral of the story is:
I better learn Spanish..
time to get the hubs to turn off the game then ;)


  1. That's very sweet that your old students attack you. :)

  2. Your job sounds awesome Ali! What school are you working at? By the way, may I just say, I just got a new job a few months ago and my boss is so nice and understanding. I've never realized just how good it feels to have a boss you can ask questions and not feel like they think your stupid. It's great! Makes for a great job! :)

  3. Email me please!


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