28 August 2011

Good times back

I was reading my journal last night, 
reminiscing about old times in high school
and while I was at Disneyland.
I didn't realize how much I missed everything.
I miss the friends I've made,
spending time at my favorite places,
going out and having a good time.

Mostly, I miss Disneyland.
I miss the people and the magic I felt living over there.
I changed while I was over there but for the better.

I will be forever grateful to everyone over there
for helping me become better,
and for sharing celebrations with me ;)
Like Christmas in July and my engagement.

Guess I really wish I had the good times back.


  1. I had so many "good times" too when I think back, especially my college days. I don't think I'd want to go back, but I miss some of my old friends.

  2. Ahhh good times...it's alawys nice to reminisce about good times. i started journaling again for this purpose alone.

  3. I know how you feel. Sometimes for me, it's when things are hard that I want to go back to the past. But, the future is as bright as our faith :)


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