31 August 2011

My Geek Days and Dorkdom

So the past few weeks (and months)
Andrew and I have been watching things like
Star Trek and Star Wars.
And letting our inner geek out ;)

Things like:

Wrath of Khan

Search for Spock:

And all 7 seasons of Voyager:

See the good-looking blonde-haired woman there?
That would be Seven-of-Nine,
liberated from the Borg
and completely attractive accroding to my father and husband ;)
(my dad even has a Christmas ornament of her,
no joke)

And all 6 Star Wars movies too
(although I only like 4-6,
but Andrew likes them all so I humor him)

Oh yeah did I mention that they are all
coming out on Blu-Ray?!
Definitely gonna have to buy those too ;)

And let me say,
I have now completely satisfied my geek/nerd/dork need
for quite a time ;)

Does anyone else share my nerdiness??
Or what are your ideas of geek days and dorkdom??


29 August 2011

My life

"My life is a gift,
My life is a plan.
My life has a purpose in heav'n it began.
My chice was to come to this lovely home on Earth
and seek for God's light to direct me from birth."

I love this Primary song ;)
My Sunbeams like to sing it too in sharing time,
whenever we sing this,
I start to think
"What IS my purpose here on Earth?"
I wsh I had a complete roadmap
with directions:
"if you reach unexpected monetary loss, you've gone too far",
"Merge onto ASU map for BA degree"
"Have Andrew apply HERE for you to afford a family",

I know that the scriptures provide a outline
for our lives and I love them for that.
Sometimes I'd just like big signs with arrows
that point to where I need to go and do

I love the simplicity of the words of the song.
Helps me think thst even though I don't know what the
plan or purpose is for my life,
I do have one ;)

28 August 2011

Good times back

I was reading my journal last night, 
reminiscing about old times in high school
and while I was at Disneyland.
I didn't realize how much I missed everything.
I miss the friends I've made,
spending time at my favorite places,
going out and having a good time.

Mostly, I miss Disneyland.
I miss the people and the magic I felt living over there.
I changed while I was over there but for the better.

I will be forever grateful to everyone over there
for helping me become better,
and for sharing celebrations with me ;)
Like Christmas in July and my engagement.

Guess I really wish I had the good times back.

24 August 2011

Oh how Pinteresting Wednesday

Ok so I'm actually gonna do this on the official day!! Woot!

So here's we go:

So basically, 
I need a baby.
Apparently I'm very baby hungry hahaha



23 August 2011

Some way awesomeness!

I've mentioned before that I love TV shows like SVU and Criminal Minds.
So today when Andrew and I went to Best Buy for his computer,
we ended up with $100 on a gift card cuz they had charged us too much
for MY computer so we got a few fun things ;)

I got a wireless mouse, binder (yeah I know random), StarCraft for Andrew
and all 5 seasons of Criminal Minds!!
On sale!!!

I was so excited I was giggling and jumping up and down!
Altogether they would've been over $180,
but on sale and with Andrew's employee price they were $80!
Oh bliss ;)

Now I can freak myself out before bed every night and not have to wait
for it to come on TV hahahaha ;)

22 August 2011

My little beauty spree

Those of you who know me, know I do not wear makeup.
Like at all.
I wore makeup on my wedding day,
and before that only wore mascara on certain occasions ;)

But I do like to keep my monstrous eyebrows in check.
I lost my tweezers this past week
and they are OUTTA CONTROL!!
So I had to order this:

And since I was looking for some fun new things,
I got this:


And some of these:
 Not that color, but some fun ones for my toes ;)

And as I was looking at all the fun things,
I thought maybe I should be an Avon lady??
I love their products,
the only thing is that I don't want to pressure people into buying things.
So anyone have thoughts on this idea??

If I did it, would you all buy from me? ;)