23 July 2011

A really cool idea

When my mom went to girls camp this summer,
she brought me back some goodies ;)

The theme was
"Royal Princess"
(or something close....I don't remember exactly)
("Never underestimate the power of your righteous influence")

At first, I was super jealous cuz when I was in YW,
our stake prez wouldn't let us do a princess theme.
But now it's a new prez, and he said "Go for it!"
No fair but oh well ;)
The reason why I even brought this up is this:
The Happily Ever After book.
In it, you write your happily ever after.
I loved this idea!
The girls at camp were writing about what they were
hoping for their wedding, husband, etc.
So since I'm already married,
with a husband
I thought it would be cool for Andrew and I to write our love story in it.
Our complete story.
From our past loves to the present.
Andrew thought it was a great idea too ;)
I've already finished my part,
and it was a little weird writing this again but in condensed form.
I worte about my heartbreaks, and mistakes but not in detail.
(my diary's got the details taken care of)

So for all you married and not-yet married alike,
I think this is a great idea to do.
Remember the good times,
and the not-so-good that you learned from.
Andrew and I are going to add to the notebook throughout
our marriage and we'll give it to our kids eventually ;)

First we need to have kids though....


  1. Such a good way to have this documented for the future!! Cute Cute idea- I use my blog to keep a virtual book of that but I think having the actual thing would be a treasure some day! Visiting from Comment Love at FTLOB!

  2. That book is an AMAZING idea. I wonder if my husband would want to do that ahaha. Probably not though, but I still would. ;) Lovely idea though! Oh and I loveee your blog! Happy Sunday!

    - From FTLOB!

  3. I love this idea! Z and I are doing this in our engagement journal before we get married and I can't wait to show my kids our love story once they are old enough.

  4. what a great idea! I'm writing my love story in a lesscute book :) gets the job done right!?

  5. Oh that is so cute! I loved YW!!! Now I am in nursery and sometime I really want to be called to YW to go to girls camp again!!! Cute idea! PS. Saw your guest post!!!!!

    Ashley Sloan


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