11 July 2011

My beloved Disney Store

I got the following pictures from the lovely Rhonda
whom I worked with. 
I forgot to take my camera every time I went in but then again,
it was always so busy that I would never have remembered to take pictures
so thank goodness Rhonda did and was willing to share them with me ;)

 At least the animation is going to the kids
at both the Make-a-Wish foundation and the Phoenix Childrens Hospital.
Now they'll be there for another generation to love ;)

We had our Disney "pity party" on Saturday
and boy it was hilarious!
Booze was rampant (not for me of course)
and watching my co-workers get wasted was just hilarious.
And luckily we left before it got even more crazy ;)

I love my Disney family and we are still a family.
We're planning on going to Disneyland in October as a family,
and hopefully we can all go ;)

Oh and on a completely different note!
My friend Noelle is hosting a giveaway!
A free photography session and 10% off if you comment!
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  1. yayy the kids at Make-A-Wish will LOVE it!!!!! (I work for Make-A-Wish) :) :)

  2. Hey. Thanks for citing (siting?) me.

    I am still upset at Disnety about this whole thing...not that it will stop me from watching or buying movies or anything...but still. Grrr. I shake my fist at them.


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